Horsin’ Around

They say The Kentucky Derby is the most exciting 2 minutes in sports. But really sometimes it’s the last 10 seconds that is the most exciting!!  I love betting on the longshots, the underdogs because if one of those long shots wins its a nice payout. We have been going to local horse tracks for many years but this year we decided to go to the granddaddy of them all – Churchill Downs!!  Kentucky is just about a hour and a half drive from Nashville so after the Zac Brown Band concert on Friday we decided to forgo bar hopping with our friends so we could wake up bright and early to head to Louisville.  Even though it was early it was hard not to enjoy the lovely drive, everything was green and lush! Once we drove up to Churchill Downs we found a primo parking spot in the neighborhood across from the track and we were all set for the grandeur of traditional horse racing at its finest!


{the essentials for the Derby}


{the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs}


{the Infield – before it gets crazy}


[AND one of the reasons the Infield gets crazy}


{where the horses walk into the Paddock and the jockeys come down the stairs on the left}


{the Paddock}


{American Pharaoh – potential Triple Crown winner!}


{love a horse in pink!}


{the Red Carpet AFTER all the celebrities had walked through}


{the BEST Mint Julep E.V.E.R. – and the glass was a souvenir.  P.S. I have 2 souvenirs!}

My husband was the big winner that day. It was the best win he’s ever had at a racetrack and I can’t tell you how happy he was that it happened at such a special event.

This is a vacation I will never forget and I am so thankful I got to experience it!

AND I WILL be going back!

Have a great week!

The One in Nashville

So if I had an official bucket list, going to the Kentucky Derby would be on that list. I got to check that off my bucket list and we had the greatest time exploring Nashville with our friends and me and hubby went to the Derby.
We talked to so many nice people from all over the U.S. it was the best experience!

{Leaving So. Cal}


{so many boot shops}


{first meal in Nashville)


{Downtown Nashville from Honkey Tonk Cafe – 3 story bar with a band on each floor}


{I was on XM Radio The Highway!! – another bucket list check off}


{View of downtown Nashville from XM studio}


{Went to Zac Brown Band concert! It was great and I am now a fan!!}


{surprise guest Kid Rock}


{Tour of Nashville while having a few drinks? Genius!! Thanks Nashville Party Barge!


{Guitars in front of a Nashville recording studio}


{Jager gives me the chills but I liked this sign found in a bar called Losers}


{Another fun sign at the entrance of one of hundreds of bars downtown!}


{Hot sauces could be found anywhere!! – ACK!! Flamin’ Flatulence!?!}


{Best time with BFF!!}


{And the best food – Fried Chicken at Hattie B’s, and the banana pudding was to die for!}

I absolutely loved Nashville and will definitely be back but next time I will make sure to bring my old cowboy boots!!

Stay tuned for my Kentucky Derby recap!

1, 2, 3 Testing….???

So it’s been a little bit of radio silence over here and I hope you’re still with me. There’s been a lot going on and then not much of anything so I guess I really haven’t been in the mood to write. 

First of all, I’ve been out of a job for a couple of months so that was “my a lot going on”, emotionally mostly. It wasn’t really my choice but it was the right decision. So then I had to brush the dust off my resume and spruce it up.  I also really wanted to find something in my area rather than drive 30+ miles one way but there’s not a lot in my area of work. I’ve had a few interviews but nothing has panned out yet so I have my days where I get down but I have faith that God is preparing something better for me and I just have to be patient.

I have been having fun and I would love to put together a couple posts here and there to catch up!!! I just wanted to give you a little update and I could always use a little prayer and happy thoughts!!! Xoxoxo

Hope you are all doing great!!!

Where does the time go?

This pretty much says it all. Time is passing so fast I can’t even be very creative when it comes to my blog.

But we’ve had some beautiful sunsets here in California and because I’m usually on the road at sunset time it’s blurry but you get the idea!! It’s beautiful!

We drove to San Diego for lunch and a sangria by the water and then to grab a delicious slice of cake at Extraordinary Desserts! So yum!!!









Coziness is . . .

As much as I enjoy getting away for a few days and spending time on an extra comfy hotel bed I love being home especially when it’s chilly and getting warm and cozy.   We have a gas fireplace and while it doesn’t have that lovely smokey smell and crackling of the logs IT IS super easy just to come home and flip the switch to start the fire AND there’s no cleaning up of the ashes!!


We love blankets and pillows on our sofa. My husband has a Darth Vader quilt that is his only and I have a variety of blankets I use and I like to switch them out everyone once in awhile. I recently came across this blog which had some great information about getting better sleep and the best products for the kind of sleeper you are, which led me to their online website Parachute Home Bedding and I must say the striped cashmere throw  is calling my name now!


{add a cozy blanket}


{a glass of wine and don’t forget a coaster, especially one that says “will work for shoes and wine”}


{Reading a heartfelt story always adds to the coziness}


{or browsing blogs and online window shopping can be cozy with a Scentsy candle nearby}


Coziness is happiness

What makes you feel cozy?

What I did over the holidays

I am trying to catch up with myself but I seem to be getting further and further away!  So I’m going to roll a bunch of stuff into one post for you so I can feel like I’ve caught up a little!!
We had a great holiday season, spent with family and friends and I’m kind of sad its over even though it can be a little stressful.  After my birthday I really start getting into the Christmas spirit even though this year I actually decorated the house before my birthday. Last year I procrastinated and by the time I decorated our house it was time to take it all down again so I was not going to do that again.
The tree was decorated and I wrapped some presents so that it wouldn’t look so lonely!
At work we even got in the spirit by celebrating a birthday with Christmas themed cupcakes! So YUMMY!
Our friends had a Christmas party the Saturday before Christmas so it was really nice to see friends we see all the time and also ones we don’t see often enough.  We couldn’t stay late though because in the morning we were off to VEGAS for a few days before Christmas!!
This time we stayed at the Wynn because I found a great deal online and this was our view from our room! Awesome!
We walked around to see the Christmas decorations at the other hotels.  I love seeing everything so “Christmas-y”
IMG_7684{The Bellagio}
IMG_7693{Crystals at City Center}
IMG_7699{Need I say more. . . LOVE}
IMG_7723{My Christmas tree inspiration for next year (especially with all the little blue boxes underneath!!}
IMG_7724{This reminded me of my wedding bouquet! And I just had to take a picture of it}
IMG_7721{The floral arrangements at The Wynn buffet}
IMG_7735{Desserts we had our first night at the Wynn – Macarons, Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut Balls, Push Up Pops and Chocolate Caramel Crisps . . . DELICIOUS!! }
IMG_7739{Javier’s Margarita at Javiers at the Aria Hotel – so freakin’ good}
IMG_7718{Gingerbread Hotel of the Wynn and Encore at the Buffet}
Needless to say we had a great time getting away for a few days, sleeping in, eating, eating and drinking and drinking!!!
We celebrated Christmas with my family at my sisters house and having fun with the boys and their new Legos that they are obsessed with.  I have such a great family!
Then the following week the unexpected happened . . . . .
For our area in California this is totally not normal, even though it has snowed very little in the past but its just not an every year occurrence.  I wish it would at least snow once a year because it was so beautiful to see the hills and the streets and yards covered in snow.  The park down the street from our house was full of kids and parents sledding down the hills and building snowmen.  Unfortunately I was on my way to work and couldn’t participate! BOO!  But it’s definitely something I won’t forget for awhile!!
New Years Eve was spent with our close friends and it was low key but really fun. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and then went back to their house for dessert and champagne.  I also had a fresh Lemon Drop Martini made with fresh lemons from their tree. It was so good!!
IMG_7833{Fresh Lemon Drop straight from the backyard tree}
IMG_7817{Gotta wear sequins especially on New Years Eve}
IMG_7828{Our wine with NYE dinner}
IMG_7836(the Dessert to end all desserts!}
IMG_7855{Celebrating NYE with the Most Interesting Man in the World while drinking champagne}
IMG_7871{Spent the night at our friends house so I wore my New Years Eve PJs from my sister}
IMG_7870{Some mimosas on New Years Day}
Wow that was a lot to cram into one post! My apologies if its T.M.I.
(too much information)!!  I just had a great  couple of weeks and wanted to share it with you before it becomes Spring time!! LOL
Have a great week!!

Wait . . . what?

So it’s been a long while since you’ve heard from me (in case you didn’t notice).  It’s true the holidays really just keep you so busy you don’t know when to stop and take a breathe!

I guess if I want to continue in chronological order I will have to go back to my birthday trip to Disneyland which was at the beginning of December.  I went with my sister and my two nephews and let me tell you it was SOOO much fun!  But wouldn’t you know it, California is in the middle of a terrible drought not a drop of rain in months and the day I decide to take a day off from work to go to the happiest place on earth it RAINS! Boooo!  I’m just sorry the pictures aren’t that great because of the grey dark skies.  But it was still so much fun not even rain could damper my birthday and Christmas spirit!! Thank you Dad for getting me a ticket and thank you sister for taking me to celebrate my birthday with my favorite people!!


{The Castle at night in the rain}

IMG_7490{It’s a Small World lit up for Christmas}








{My favorite Cars Land was so cute and fun!!}


{Spooky Haunted Mansion as the Nightmare Before Christmas}


(Toy Story ride and Mr. Potato Head}


{Happy Birthday to Me!!}

My dad bought me sequined Minnie ears!! Love!!(Love you Dad!)

I had such a great time I wanted to break down and buy an annual pass so I can call in sick (oops!) and go all the time!! =)


I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Another Christmas to get ready for! This past weekend we put up the tree and I decorated it on Saturday night while listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I love doing that! =)

Anyway, I  noticed that I have quite a bit of OOTD’s on my phone that I haven’t posted so since I’m feeling a little lazy today I figured I would just put ’em out there!



Definitely pushing the casual envelope at work. The heels dress it up a bit. {Old Navy Chambray shirt; Forever 21 floral joggers, Steve Madden sandals}



{My bright pink lipstick and Anthropologie sweater/jacket with my go to boots}

IMG_7246{Another comfy pair of pants and a top from Forever 21}




{Tweed jacket and pants (SUPER OLD) from F21}IMG_7238


{oversized blanket plaid scarf from guess where? (F21) and trying out some dark lipstick}


{The quintessential casual Friday fall outfit}



I’m on the fence with the dress. I got it at Nordstrom and I love the print but I feel like this style doesn’t do anything for me. I look like a box =(

Have a great day!!

Another Happy Birthday

I celebrated another year of getting wiser, at least that’s how I’m looking at it now.  It was so perfect that I had a four day weekend in order to get the most of the celebrations with family and friends by celebrating Thanksgiving and my youngest nephews birthday on Thursday and the rest of the weekend it was all about ME!! HAHAHA
{Spent Thanksgiving with family and also celebrated my youngest nephews birthday}
IMG_7370{Friday we went to lunch in Del Mar and start the birthday weekend with a sangria}
{After a quick lunch we headed to the racetrack to win some money, or at least I won some money!! =) }
{As you can see from the looks on faces! LOL}
{On Saturday we headed to Orange County to continue the birthday fun with our friends}
My hubs surprised me by renting a Mercedes limo and we headed off to dinner at the Mexican restaurant ‘South of Nicks” and I had a fabulous Mexican Mojito made with tequila and rum! Afterwards we went to the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point for a drink or two.  Christmas decorations were up and beautiful.
{Instead of a Gingerbread House they have Gingerbread Wave and beach scene. Love the shark with atlers and the surfing doggies!!}
{Kind of a spooky shot I took from inside the limo. Not sure if the windows gave it that red tint but I like it}
{My love and I }


Sunday was my actual birthday so my Dad drove in to see me and take us out for lunch at one of our favorite wineries Leoness.  I was enjoying my family (and not to mention their Holiday Sangria!)  so much  we didnt really take pictures but here is my dessert.  YUM!!
{peanut butter mousse covered in chocolate with with sugared bananas and banana gelato. They also made cotton candy especially for my nephews for dessert. That’s the big cotton ball looking thing at the top of photo!}
It was such a great birthday weekend that I will not forget!!  Thanks to my family and friends who made it so special!! Love you all!!
I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Paradise – Final Chapter

I’m wrapping up this 3 part post about our family’s trip to Oahu.  Our last full day was spent with my Dad going to Honolulu to see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial.  I remember going there when I was a little kid and seeing the older veterans dressed in their uniforms that would volunteer at the memorial center so you ask them questions, listen to their stories or just to say “thank you” but it made me really sad to see they’re not there anymore because they have either passed away or just can’t get there. They truly are the greatest generation in my opinion.






It was such an emotional place to be and experience and see actual footage of what happened there so many years ago. This was my 3rd time there it gets me every time.


We then went to Waikiki Beach for lunch on the beach. We ended up at Duke’s which was ok but I did have a nice tropical drink to go along with the beautiful weather.





Then out of nowhere it got dark and started pouring as we were walking around  but just as fast as it started it stoppedIMG_7079


*****Extra nice touches from Aulani ****


{The Adult Infinity Pool overlooking the beach}


{the architecture of the lobby at Aulani is beautiful. Very Hawaiian and many of the structures were shaped like old canoes}


{Strawberry Velvet pancakes with Cream Cheese syrup! YUM at the Restaurant Ama’ ama’  at Aulani}

IMG_7101Since we were at Aulani during Halloween they had some activities for the kids. My nephews dressed up as Star Wars characters and were able to trick or treat around the hotel grounds. (Unfortunately we were stuck in major traffic coming home from Honolulu and did not get to see them.)  There was also a pumpkin carving contest at the hotel and the above was the winning pumpkin. It was an amazing looking pumpkin “hamburger with cheese and fries on the side”

It was such a great time to spend time with my family and it was so special for all of us. Thanks to my Dad for treating and spoiling us as always. The only thing missing was my Mom but I know she is happy and she is always with us.

I’m working on putting a photo album of our trip to Oahu and I came across this quote that pretty much sums it up.

The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessings

Have a great week my friends!!