No Sour Grapes Around Here

We live by a sort of up and coming wine country and boy do we (over)indulge in the wine!  Whether its just me and hubby going to a weekend lunch or convincing friends to make the long trek over and then getting WINE WASTED it’s always a good time!!  Since I mentioned in my first (ever) post that I always take pictures for my “pretend blog” well now I will get to actually show these pictures on my real blog.

So we love wine so much we even have one grapevine in our yard! Here is a small bunch from our vines from a couple of years ago. Last year was not a good year and we did not even get one bunch!! I’m hoping this year will be better.

image (1)

{This is a typical lunch date with my hubby. Awesome White Sangria for me and Merlot for him.}

image (4)        image (6)

{There are some really beautiful views from the wineries.  This is from a winery members patio area. Yes we have memberships with 2 wineries!!}Wine memberships come with really nice perks, free wine tasting for you and a guest and usually discounted rates for bigger parties, and discounts on wine and food (if they serve food). Some have a special VIP area that can be less crowded and more comfortable for the members. Oh you can also usually can go on a wine tour for free and get a behind the scenes look at the making of the wine and taste some not quite ready wine that might surprise you!

image (5)              image (3)

{We love when our friends come out to spend the day with us.  I have been known to over indulge and not remember what happened or take crazy close up pictures or text random scary messages to my sister!  Eeek!!}

photo               image (7)

image (8)                        image (9)

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?  I have many other pictures but don’t want to jeopardize my friendships by showing too much!!


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