she wore what ????

She being me . . .

My sister and I had lunch and got our nails done together on the 7th year anniversary of my Mom’s 1st day in Heaven.  {i wrote a small post on it earlier.  Still haven’t mastered how to insert links} It was cold and rainy here in California 2 weeks ago so I wore a warm giraffe printed scarf, black v-neck sweater, skinny jeans and boots.


The always essential Hunter boots and thick socks and oversized sweater for California rain!


Two “I’m SO professional” weekday looks. (ya right)  

20140312-100441.jpg   20140312-100433.jpg

My pants look funny because I wasn’t wearing heels yet and the pants are long.  So now that I have shared these exciting looks with you now I can delete them from my phone!  YAY!!

Happy Hump Day !! (kind of still enjoy that commercial with the camel running around the office, haha!) We actually had a Turkey running and flying around in our office one day.  It was wandering in the parking lot and got closer to the door, someone was afraid it might get hit by a car or something so they opened the door and it came on in!! We called Animal Control because we figured it had to be someone’s pet but then someone in the office remembered there is an attorney from our office that lives in a rural part of the area that has a sort of a farm. Well her husband picked up the turkey from our office and we thought “oh great it will have a nice place to live”! It became Thanksgiving meal for them a year later! Not cool!!

RIP Mr. Turkey

RIP Mr. Turkey


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