Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

That is an OLD saying but its so so so true!!   This past weekend was so much fun. We went to celebrate a friends B-DAY and spent the night and then Sunday brunching, recovering and then resting!! Before I knew it was Monday already (just another Manic Monday – remember that song? ) and then TODAY, Tuesday was a beast of a work day!!! COME ON I NEED TO WIN THE LOTTERY!!

Back to the weekend! So the funniest part of the weekend was 11 of us packed into a big party van. I felt like we were bunch of parolees on our way to community service. I have disguised the faces because I’m not sure who would not want to be on the internet. I know there are a few in our group that are anti-social media! =) including my husband! There were 3 rows of 3 people and then the driver and passenger, the birthday girl!!


And then we got to a tiny restaurant in Laguna Beach called Cafe Zulu where we basically took up the entire back part of the restaurant, by that time there was 15 of us and we were actually at 2 separate tables!  There were 2 other parties in the back room with us but I think once we got there they decided they wanted to leave! hahaha. The food was fantastic and the portions huge!

After dinner we headed to a little bar by the beach and preceded to drink and dance the night away. Since I was disguising I thought I would add a little crown on me 😉


The following morning we went to the yacht club to enjoy Bloody Mary’s and mimosas. The view was so pretty and the weather was perfect! I had French Toast, made with hawaiian bread, topped with a strawberries and almonds. It was so good I started eating it without taking a picture first! Sorrrry!!!

Dana Point

Dana Point

Anyway just a fast little post to show you I haven’y given up on blogging yet! Hope you all had a great weekend too!!;


3 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

    • It’s like loaf of white bread but it’s sweet. We buy it at grocery stores and make sandwiches with it. It’s my husband’s fave bread. I know I was trying to see if I could find a picture of something similar on the internet but I couldn’t. I guess that means I need to go back and have it again!! Haha

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