And away they go!

If you are a horse racing fan you may know from the title of this post that I’m going to share a little of my horse racing adventures with you.  I went to my first horse race with a former law firm I used to work for.  They actually closed the office on a Wednesday (Opening Day at Del Mar is usually the busiest day of the season) and we headed to Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego County.  The firm paid for us to take the train from Orange County to Del Mar, paid for our seats at the track and even gave us money to make bets with(or you could keep the money if you weren’t going to bet). It was the best time and it didn’t hurt that a partner had made a a huge cooler of margaritas for the train ride!! =)

When I told my husband I wanted to go back the race track after years of not going, he wasn’t too sure about it because of the crowds and because he didn’t know much about betting. I told him there’s nothing to it – just pick a horse because you like their name or the jockey is good or even because of the color of their outfits. It does help that my husband has friends that enjoy horse racing and betting so we get together and go every once in awhile.   And wouldn’t you know now he is hooked!  He has been working on becoming a better handicapper and mastering exotic bets and its been a lot of fun even though we don’t win as much as we would like! =)

20140327-142236.jpg           20140327-161903.jpg

The Paddock at Del Mar – Where the horses walk around before the race.  and the starting gate as it goes by pulled by tractor.



Me and my Dad at Del Mar

I'm a big I Love Lucy fan -They were big racing fans and lived in Del Mar

I’m a big I Love Lucy fan – They were big racing fans and lived in Del Mar!

I love wearing hats and going to the horse races is the perfect opportunity to wear one!  I usually like to add flowers to my plain hats so I can switch out the colors to match my dress.  I also have made a couple of fascinators as well.

20140327-141504.jpg         20140327-154153.jpg      20140327-162923.jpg


A couple of years ago we went to the Breeders Cup which is part of what is called the Triple Crown, along with the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness so it was really exciting to be part of it.  The Breeders Cup was held at Santa Anita in Los Angeles which only happens every couple of years.

20140327-141921.jpg      20140327-141752.jpg



Ready with my racing program


My favorite jockey, Agapito Delgadillo.


Nice action shot I got with my phone!


Me and my sis (trying) to be glamorous at Del Mar!

This July we will be going to Opening Day at Del Mar! I’m so excited! We’re planning to go with a big group of friends so it should great! This is the first time in years that I have gone on Opening Day so I am working on what kind of hat I’m going to wear and I think I have my dress picked out already! And yes I know its only the end of March!

It’s almost the weekend!! Yay!!;


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