Odds and (Week)Ends

What can I say Friday night started out really nice. My husband brought home some groceries and made me a Mai Tai with a fresh mango slice and a maraschino cherry. So we now call it Mai Tai Fridays at our house! LOL


It was beautiful weather on Saturday and we went to have lunch at a BBQ place and then took  a walk around a nice outdoor mall.  I didn’t buy anything but I did see this . . .


I saw this cup and laughed. It was next to one of those “keep calm and carry on” cups but this one is more of my motto unfortunately!

Later that night we hit our little downtown area that is really becoming quite popular.  When we first moved here we would drive through the downtown area and it was really quiet and we would think why don’t more people come down here.  Well now we’re thinking there are too many people here  and they need to go back home!! hahaha


At Christmas time, part of the City Hall Plaza becomes an ice skating rink and a fun place for kids and adults. I guess they’re keeping up the lights all year round.


We wanted to try out one of the wine bars that have opened up recently so we ended up at Crush and Brew.  One side is a wine bar and the other side a “beer” bar with great food. Since we had a big lunch we shared a cheese plate and two glasses of really good Cabernet wine.  There was a lot of people but not too crowded so we were able to sit at the bar and listen to the live band.


My Saturday night ensemble! =)

It’s Monday so I’m tired but I HAVE to stay up to watch The Blacklist!!  Anyone else watching it?  I’m hooked!! OY its going to be a long day tomorrow!!


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