Celebrating Weekday Wine Wednesday

Happy middle of the week!!

My friends know that I indulge in what I call my “week day wine”.  I have almost an hour drive home from work so when it get home it’s nice to get home and have a glass of wine while I make dinner.  My drive is a nice one though, in spite of the traffic, right now it’s full of green and lush hills and if I squint a little it reminds me of driving thru the back roads of Maui or Kauai!! 🙂  My husband has a longer drive home than me so it works out, by the time he get home dinner is almost ready and I’m a little relaxed!

Anyway today I decided to try my new adult “sippy cup” with my initials on it ( you know in case I forget the plastic wine glass in a clear tumbler with the pink lid is mine) I got one for my friend for her birthday and she really liked it too!

20140402-180545.jpg     20140402-180530.jpg


I hope you have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend!



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