Time to shake the dust off the sequins

That’s right! time to get ready for Vegas baby! you could imagine how excited I am to be going there in less than 5 days! ahhhhhh!!! what does that mean? Time to do some shopping… in my closet!

When packing for vegas, i tend to do the following…

i pull out some of my sequins (this is just a sample I have more!)


What’s Vegas without some leopard!?!  (don’t worry I’m not taking all of this!)


I went to Nordstrom Rack and bought an OPI silver nail polish that will be perfect for you know where and then spent the rest of my lazy Sunday in my DIY “LOVE” sweatshirt – oversized and comfy but with a splash of sequins. You can’t tell in this picture but the “love” is made with black sequins!



I also got some new Converse, some white ones I’ve been wanting for awhile. Always a classic!


On Saturday my husband made a dessert for me which included 3 of my favorite things : banana, marshmallows and chocolate!  He sliced the banana peel so he could stuff mini marshmallows and chocolate chips inside the banana and then wrapped it up in aluminum foil and put in the oven.  Once he took it out of the oven he mixed it up a bit more and then I put it some graham crackers with a few extra marshmallows.  YUM!


HaPPy mOnDAY !!


4 thoughts on “Time to shake the dust off the sequins

  1. WOW! I love everything you have going on here. =) Those sequins and manicure are amazing…as well as that snack you have there, yum!!! I have never been to Vegas, but when I do go, there will be plenty of sequins as well!!! ❤ Have a fabulous and lucky trip, hun!!

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