Bright light city gonna set my soul. . . gonna set my soul on fire


Yes!!  I’m talking about it again! 1 1/2 days and I’m on my way.  Maybe the reason I’m so excited because I know all the times we go to Vegas it is FUN, plain and simple (even when I was sick as mentioned in my What Happens in Vegas post it was still fun)

Last summer we went to Vegas with a big group to celebrate with our friends, a bachelor and a bachelorette! My husband was a co-best man for his friend of over 20 years at a beautiful ceremony over looking Dana Point in August. But before that we had to first partake in some fun and debauchery.

The days were basically spent together, boys and girls hanging out at a cabana at MGM and it was fabulous! This was the view from my lounge chair. The MGM has a lazy river that takes you around and around and its perfect to lay on an inner tube, people watch and cool down while getting some sun.  The cabana also came with a bloody mary cart (or whatever you choose) and a TV.  Once we divided the cost between all of us it wasn’t that bad so I would recommend it if you go with a big group!



At night the boys did their thing (don’t ask LOL) and us girls kept it classy. We had dinner and then went to the top of the Mandalay Bay called the Mix Lounge where there was an awesome view of the city, great music and fun times!



We then went again in October and this time we saw Elton John perform at Caesars Palace.  This was our first time staying at the Palazzo in the Prestige Suites so we got the first time experience with some champagne at check-in and then the enjoyment of complimentary drinks and appetizers in the evening. I highly recommend it!! It’s roughly $100 more a night (per room) and you can bring one guest with you. So my husband was my guest (because we had one room)  and between 5pm and 8pm nightly we could drink whatever we could (and eat appetizers) we just tipped the servers and they took care of us well.  SO WORTH IT!





20140410-141937.jpg  20140410-141054.jpg










I guess i felt like a celebrity drinking champagne and all  I had to take a selfie. =)


Sorry I only have blurry pictures taken with my phone.  The first photo of Elton is when he first came out on stage in a gold sequined cape and matching gold sequin shoes!!  Second photo of Elton performing on his beautiful Million Dollar piano.




So there it is another look into my Vegas adventures!!  This weekend is extra special because we are celebrating my sister’s birthday and and we planned this because they say that it always looks like we have so much fun in Vegas. Aww what a compliment but really its not that hard to have fun there!

I have to finish planning and packing tonight so I hope you all have a great weekend!!



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