That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas

I SURVIVED!!! Yes i do have some bumps and bruises but a fun filled  birthday celebration was accomplished!

Battle Wound c/o Vegas

Battle Wound c/o Vegas

Not really sure how I got this bruise. . . my sister thinks it happened while at the Toby Keith bar “I Love This Bar” at Harrahs.  It doesn’t hurt just doesn’t look pretty and it actually looks worse now! HAHA



As soon as we checked into the Palazzo I went straight to the pool to hang out with my sis (she’s the hot tan one on the left, in both photos) and my husband when straight to the Wynn to make a couple of bets on the horse races.


 This was the view from Hyde Lounge at the Bellagio. Spectacular! I highly recommend it! If you want to have a drink (or two) and see the Bellagio fountain show without the whole loud club vibe go before 10 pm, that’s when they start charging the cover fee for dancing, etc. We got there about 7:30 pm and got a couch and got to see the fountains more than a few times. Once it got a little later the groups with reservations started coming in and we had to move but I was happy to be able to check it out!


Our view from our suite at Palazzo. The Palazzo Prestige people are awesome and he tried to get us a room with a view of the strip but they were booked but this view was nice and we don’t spend that much time in a room looking out the window anyway! =)  The Wynn is gorgeous too and we have stayed there once before but we think the Palazzo is little more convenient for us and the Prestige perk is awesome.

Waterfall at the Wynn

Waterfall at the Wynn


Waterfall in the Palazzo

Waterfall in the Palazzo

Outside the Palazzo

Outside the Palazzo

Outside the Venetian -sister hotel to Palazzo

Outside the Venetian -sister hotel to Palazzo

Since the last time we were in Vegas they opened up what is the the LARGEST FERRIS WHEEL IN THE WORLD. Its called the “High Roller”! =)  We did not go on it but it takes about 40 minutes to go around once and you can have drinks while you go around.  They have also opened up a cute little shopping and restaurant area  called the Quad and I did buy a couple of souvenirs.




20140414-193556.jpg 20140414-193612.jpg

 The kind of revamped Flamingo Hotel with two ginormous flamingos hovering over us!

20140414-193221.jpg  20140414-193233.jpg

Like I said earlier the Wynn and Encore hotels are gorgeous! There are always beautiful arrangements and flowers around the hotel and this time was no exception.  This carousel actually went around and was made of of all kinds of beautiful flowers. The hot air balloon was also made of flowers and had pretty wrapped gift boxes next to it from Hermes and Chanel. . .{sigh}

Coco making a bet on horses!

My “new to me” Chanel making a bet on horses! ‘)



Sorry its not such a great picture of  my Sunday night outfit –  Paige faux leather pants [Nordstrom Rack $39!!], floral bomber jacket [Target], white tank [H&M]


Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!!  We’ve been through a lot together and she has made it easier because we lean on each other just as our Mom would’ve wanted us too.  She has a beautiful family and takes care of all of them and that makes her ONE STRONG WOMAN in more ways than one! She is a cross-fit enthusiast and makes me feel like a lazy bum but I love her. . .  besides she could kick my butt in a minute!  So lucky to have her as my SISTER!!





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