Wonderful Wednesday

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!

I thought I would share some random pictures with you!


I bought this cute mustache zipped pouch at Michaels for $2. I think it will be perfect as a cosmetic bag.  They also had a bigger one that would actually be a really cute clutch.  I also bought the “wine sign”  for $4 plus I used 2 coupons that I got from my IPhone app called “GeoQpons”.  Its a great app that has so many different coupons for online and in store deals I try to use it everywhere.


YAY – My Mom’s Amaryllis bloomed this year!! It didn’t bloom last year so I was skeptical but here it is!! It actually has 2 blooms, there’s a small one not quite open behind this big one.



YAY for being able to wear white again. White F21 pants, F21 Navy blue top, Target heels.


My first Equipment blouse bought on sale through Last Call Neiman Marcus.  I always liked this brand and the blouse is a soft silky material so hopefully it won’t be my last.  This isn’t a great picture (what else is new!?) and you can’t really tell but these are like tuxedo pants. Beige with black stripes down the sides from Old Navy on major clearance ($9 I think) like 2 years ago.


Another YAY! – Flowers received for Administrative Assistants Day today (yes its a real day!)

Hope everyone is having a great week!


3 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

    • I also waited to buy it so once i found it on sale on Lastcall.com along with another discount it was around $70 I figured it was a good investment just to see what the fuss was all about and I do like it a lot!! It is 100% silk so I will be careful because i will have to dry clean it but I think if you find one on sale give it a try. It is true to size if not maybe a little big. I know I will not hesitate to buy another one in the future. Let me know if you decide to get one!

      • Perfect. Thank you so much for replying back. I know TheOutnet has a whole slew of them sometimes, but it bothers me to spend 100+ $ on a silk blouse, but if it is super versatile and I can find a better deal, I will be sure to give this a shot. Thank you once again.

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