Fancy schmancy

I’m not going to lie  I felt a little fancy schmancy on Saturday!

We were heading out to Orange County for a BBQ at a friends house and my husband had mentioned to me earlier in the week that we were going to the Ritz Carlton for appetizers and drinks before heading to our friends.  The Ritz Carlton is Dana Point is gorgeous and I wish I could live there =)

As soon as you drive in


My husband was looking for self parking but we ended up valeting {not the usual for us}.  As soon as you walk in the lobby you see bright happy yellow flowers and all along the corridors.



These tall glass holders were filled with yellow roses for hallways upon hallways! SO LOVELY!


Cool looking metal partition I think was made to look like sea kelp. To the right of the partition was a restaurant with views of the ocean.


There was an Andy Warhol surfboard exhibit down one of the hallways and this was my favorite – Marilyn Monroe.


One of the many seating areas in the hotel. Ahh it would be so nice to be a guest and browse through your Ipad and drink some coffee in the morning in this little area.


The view from “180blu”

This is the link to the website if you want to take a peek or give someone a hint! {hee hee}



Me and Passion Fruit Lime Mojito. YUM! I’ll have another please!

20140427-145527.jpgBloody Mary for my date, my hubby!

Then we went to the BBQ and had a great time with our friends. I guess I didn’t take any pictures because I was to busy talking and drinking wine or else I’ve learned my lesson that I take too many pictures I don’t remember the next day, yeah kind of like in the Hangover movies!!

And at the end of the night my friend surprised me yet with more flowers to take home with me. She does beautiful floral arrangements for weddings, parties, you name it and so she had some flowers left over and gave them to a couple of her “BFFs”.  So there again I felt fancy schmancy all over again taking TWO dozen red roses and a bunch of purple hyacinth home with me!



Thank you for checking out my blog.

Have a great week!!


4 thoughts on “Fancy schmancy

  1. Beautiful photos and definitely fancy!! ❤ It looks like you had a sweet time =) I've never been to a Ritz-Carlton before so thanks for sharing your trip there!! That passion fruit lime mojito looks so good!!

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