The horses are on the track

The Kentucky Derby weekend starts today with the Big Race on Saturday and I LOVE IT!!!  This year we will be going to an off track betting facility to make some bets and then watch the race at a friends house.

My husband has been waiting all week for the posts to be assigned, which happened Wednesday and he has now started looking at all the numbers so he can come up with the perfect Superfecta, Trifecta or whatever else he calls it!

I, in the meantime, picked a couple horses because of their names – CANDY BOY and HOPPERTUNITY!! Aren’t they just the cutest names?? LOL

There is also  horse named WICKED STRONG named after the tragedy and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing last year so its always nice to root for a horse with a special meaning behind it!

And I found the perfect hat for a silly person at the Kentucky Derby.  It’s a sun visor from Michaels but it was too small for my big head!   Wahwahwah



After we watch the Derby we will be heading to a baseball game with a group of friends to see the Anaheim Angels (i don’t like their official name) against the Texas Rangers. And I think the seats we have a going to be pretty sweet so I will be sure to take plenty of  pictures.

***** Edit: Hoppertunity just got scratched. Now I may have to place a bet on the only woman jockey on a horse named VICAR’S IN TROUBLE.  The jockey’s name is Rosie Napravnik.  She came in 5th last year and was the first female jockey to come that close to winning!  Gotta root for GIRL POWER!!


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