Sunny with a chance of baseballs

Well my Kentucky Derby picks didn’t work out for me but what do you expect when you pick a winner by their name? LOL! You win some, you lose some but it’s still the most exciting 2 minutes in sports!  Next up is the Preakness in less than 2 weeks!


My losing tickets! =(

Another favorite sport of mine is BASEBALL!  When I was young my family shared season tickets with other families to the California Angels.  So I grew up going to Sunday homes games, stalking baseball players for their autographs and taking pictures with them and basically following baseball year round. I also liked the Los Angeles Dodgers and in middle school I was so obsessed with them I listened to Spring Training games in between my classes on a little radio, talk about crazy over baseball!?!  Now that we live farther away from Orange County we do not go to many baseball games so any chance I get to go I will take. When our friends were able to get tickets to the Saturday game against the Texas Rangers in a luxury suite just in between home plate and 1st base it was a no-brainer to say HELL YA!

It was perfect and definitely a SWEET SUITE!

20140504-193424.jpgSo you have a room with chairs, counter and bar stools and a sink area with small refrigerator with beer, soda and water which was included with our tickets. Wine and food was available for a additional charge. There was also 2 TV’s in the suite I guess if you didn’t want to watch the game live.



The view from suite was perfect. There are also regular seats to watch the game right in front of the suite.


The sun going down at Anaheim Stadium


An $11 red velvet cupcake ? Really? It wasn’t as tasty I would expect it to be for $11!


Angels Win!



Saturday Night fireworks display! AWESOME!


The usual silliness

What are your favorite sports? Please tell me I’m not the only one who used to stalk athletes!!


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