Come and knock on our door

This work week is going mega-slow so here are some things that happened around our house lately.

Last week we had some high winds in our area so when I got home one day after work I saw this


Our patio umbrella broke and I’ll be on Amazon soon buying a new one. =(

Our air conditioner also went out on Friday when I got home from work just in time for the unseasonably hot weather we had in Southern California last week! OY VEY!


My brother-in-law had minor knee surgery so I took the day off from work and watched my nephews. While the oldest was in kindergarten, the younger one and I played super hero with a little costume I picked up at Michaels.


And then after I picked him up from school we had In-N-Out burgers. YUM!!



We celebrated Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) with homemade tacos, guacamole and midori margaritas!





Have to include a photo of my horse dish towel from Anthropologie ~ pink and horses and next to a margarita? Yes please! Perfect!


And speaking of perfect – check out my roses! Love them!

I hope you are having a fabulous week!


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