Not that innocent

No I’m not talking about Britney Spears. (But I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her in concert in Vegas. . . like I need another excuse to go to Vegas! =)

I’m talking about an innocent child like plastic Popsicle molds specifically made to be used with grape juice or fruit punch and making it into a saucy adult alcohol fueled summer treat!! Can I get a YUM?


{So Innocent}

I’m not really sure when this idea skyrocketed into my head but I started researching it this weekend. I guess I thought I was onto something never thought of before but as usual I was wrong!!  I found pages and pages of recipes on the internet but I didn’t really want to go out and buy stuff so I went with what I had already in our cabinet.


{Add a little debauchery}

So I mixed sparkling pink lemonade with just a little bit of tequila (I guess so that it would freeze easier.)  Poured it into the pop molds and put it in the freezer and waited patiently (*ahem* kept asking my husband why’s it taking soo long?)

A few hours later – TADA!!20140511-214940.jpg

Eh it doesn’t LOOK all that great but it was refreshing and tasty! Next time I will use something more colorful and the bubble in the sparkling lemonade made it look like there were little holes all over the popsicle.

Won’t give you a buzz but will cool you off in the middle of Summer.  (which here in Southern California its already here with the temperature to hit the 90’s this week)

Has anyone tried this and have any ideas for me?


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