Enjoying. . . . .

Enjoying giving myself a mani-pedi this weekend with a pearly light blue nail polish I got in my Birchbox last month. I like the color and the color went on quickly and easily in spite of being such a light color.



{like little Tiffany boxes on my finger tips! HAHA!!}

Enjoying experimenting with White Wine Sangria recipes. YUM! This one had a white brandy and little bit of that sparkling pink lemonade from my “not so innocent Tequila Popsicles ” and I also muddled up some raspberries, blackberries and orange slices. It tasted similar to my favorite white sangria at a local winery Leoness so I’m quite pleased with myself!


Enjoying a relaxing walk in my neighborhood after coming home from work (trying to get motivated to start working out!).  We live by a small man-made lake where you can rent small paddle boats and go fishing.  They stock it with some sort of fish – my husband knows what kind but I always forget. Another sweet look at the lake here.




{Maybe mates for life??]

Hope all of you are enjoying something this week!


Sprinkle the Kindness

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