Young at heart

Most of the time I don’t feel my age so then I end up not acting my age and then I wonder if people think I’m just an immature weirdo but I just like to have fun and thankfully my husband likes to have fun so we act silly together and make each other laugh. So I think that’s whats important.

This weekend besides watching the Preakness and winning a couple of bets we spent a little time with my nephews which led to us watch a Lego Star Wars cartoon with them and then build a Lego toy for them (well actually my husband built it)

I did this:


 And then I contemplated painting C3PO’s silver leg gold.  Last year I bought one of my nephews C3PO and he noticed that one leg was not painted gold and thought auntie got him a defective C3PO!  I told him I would paint the leg with some gold nail polish if he wanted me to.  Well after many months of forgetting to bring the nail polish over to paint the defective leg on Sunday he says “Auntie you take him home and paint his leg with the gold nail polish”  OK then!

So my husbands project was to build this


And mine was this:


See where his right leg is silver?

I took out my gold nail polish and realized it was glittery, too glittery for C3P0! I didn’t think it was such a great idea to paint it glittery gold after all.  But I got a little curious so I googled C3PO’s leg and I actually found out that it’s supposed to be like that!! Supposedly in one of the movies there was some sort of explosion and he lost his leg so they only had a silver one to replace it with and it never got painted.  Interesting right ?  right?? Helllloooo?? LOL !!  Once I explained it to my nephew he seemed satisfied that auntie didn’t give him a defective toy and was OK with C3PO having one silver leg.  YAY !!

But seriously in my opinion I think a C3PO with one blinged out glittery gold leg would be pretty cool!!  I may just have to buy one so I can paint it!! HAHA



He won the Preakness and is going for the Triple Crown at Belmont!!  Its actually a great story about the horse, the owners, the trainer and the groomer if you are interested in horse racing.

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