Balloons and Wine Anyone?

This past weekend was spent going somewhere I’ve never been before. We headed to the local balloon and wine festival. It happens every year but we never really got around to checking out.  I did some reading about it and I did hear it got super crowded especially towards the evening.  They have bands that play later in the day and there is one main stage. On Friday it was a country music night and the main act was Justin Moore.  I had originally thought some friends would come out for the concert because they are country music fans (we really aren’t but it would fun!) but there was a change of plans so me and hubby decided to go just the two of us on Saturday.  It was hot so I wore a hat but it actually was a bigger pain because there was a strong breeze and I had to hold on to it so it wouldn’t blow away! OY!

On Saturday the Gin Blossoms and 3 Doors Down were playing and Sunday the old glam rock band Warrant played but we didn’t stay for the music.  I wine tasted, husband was the DD and I wine tasted some more and I am now a fan of a Merlot Rose that was awesome! It was chilled and tasted so good on a hot day and I will definitely need to put that on my shopping list!


20140603-112049-40849773.jpg{My accessories for the day}

20140602-103324-38004760.jpg{The Broadway Musical WICKED had a balloon there}

20140602-103325-38005793.jpg{Sparkling Merlot Rose from South Coast Winery- Bottoms Up!}


20140602-103326-38006667.jpg{Trying to catch me stumbling}

20140602-104714-38834611.jpg {Balloons at night}

If I ever go again I will make sure to bring a blanket or beach chairs and be early enough to find a nice shady tree! Hope you had a great weekend too!



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