Let’s Go California Chrome

 If you don’t follow horse racing, this weekend is the Belmont Stakes which is the final leg of the Triple Crown.  This year is more special than usual because there’s a horse, California Chrome, that has already won the first two races in the Triple Crown run, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, so if he wins the race tomorrow it will be the first time in 36 years its been done!  I may be biased because he’s from California but the story behind the horse, the owners, trainer and even his groomer is just awesome.


{2 of my favorite things – Hello Kitty and horse racing}

He is favored to win but in horse racing you never really know what can happen.  It would be great to see Triple Crown winner.  But being an amateur gambler I want to make money betting on horses so my strategy may include having to bet on a long shot to come in first just in case “Chrome” doesn’t win.  I’ll be sad for sentimental reasons but I will make some money! Cha-ching!


{Gotta love his personality}


{He is one heck of horse}

Wishing everyone a great weekend!!


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