Summer time and the living’s easy

I love when the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outside, days last a little longer and weekends are definitely funner (yes that’s a word!) We live inland where its super hot but we both grew up close to the coast and luckily still have many ties to the coast, i.e. family and friends,  so we try to go visit as much as possible.  Unfortunately the fastest way to get to the coast from where we live is a very curving and winding two lane road that will make you feel sick if you’re not ready for it.


we saw skydivers falling from the sky


But it’s worth the ride to get here



and do this


and pretend to be the captain

and spend time with friends



So California Chrome didn’t win the Belmont Stakes {insert super sad face here} so I was disappointed there is no Triple Crown winner again but like I said in horse racing you never know what will happen. It was an exciting race to watch though! We made bets at new restaurant/bar/off track betting place called Sammy’s. It was really nice and looked to be a lot of fun but it was really crowded so we just made our bets and then went over to a friends house to watch the race before we headed out to the harbor for the booze cruise.



This was just on Saturday so yes we had a busy weekend and I guess that’s why I feel this weekend just flew by!!


{My casual Saturday outfit}

I’ll be back with Sunday’s fun!



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