Snippets of my week

This week was busy for me at work which makes the week go by fast, which is a good thing and also a bad thing.  When I realize how fast time goes by its kind of scary because that means getting older. . .  BOO!!  but on the bright side the weekend is here YAY!!

Yes the fitness bug has bitten me (well so far)! This week I started doing a light run after work. I’ve been running (with some walking when needed) almost 1.4 miles around my neighborhood and you know what? it feels good!  I hope I can continue doing it because I have been known to start a fitness program and then stop! =(


{My Fila running shoes from TJ Maxx are really comfortable and they have a bright pinky orange trim}


{Trees with pretty pink blossoms line the neighborhood for nice scenery as I’m gasping for air}


{Need to get this pretty pink cutie ready for some bike rides this Summer}

And the reason I need to start some sort of fitness program is because I have been consuming too much of this:



{And of course numerous amounts of libations}





{Forever 21 loose silky palm tree print pants, H&M peplum top}


{Forever 21 blouse; Old Navy Skirt}


{Gap Camo skinny pants, Forever 21 again (and I’m NOWHERE near 21) top}

{I’m loving my new Kendra Scott earrings! They’re so bright and cheery }



 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Snippets of my week

  1. Such a cute post! Loving the OOTDs and the pink bicycle! I’ve also been indulging too much lately (not a smart thing to do when you put pictures of yourself online!) so I’m also running and biking. I must say I feel great…I just wish the pounds would fall off as easily as they were added on! Good luck with your workouts!! XX…Cortneybre…

  2. I love EVERYTHING but those bright pink earrings are to die for!!!!! ❤ I recently saw she has a necklace with that same shape too…so pretty!!!

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