My favorite . . .

I’ve been a little in a creative dry spell (not that I’m all that creative on my blog) but I just didn’t feel super excited about anything this week.  A couple of annoying days at work will do that to you I guess!

I’m thinking this maybe something I would like to do once a month and I’ll post some of my favorites like desserts, movies, music, fashion, drinks, etc. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see!

So  today I decided to show you a few of my favorite places in my house. When we bought our house it wasn’t built yet so it was kind of great to be able to see it from the very beginning. It’s not a custom home (I wish, one of these days) but we were able to choose some options from the beginning.


I chose the frosted window and the design on the pantry door because it looked old fashioned and sort of country like. We painted it a barn house red which looks great with the yellowish color walls.  The wooden fork and spoon are special to me because they used to belong to my Mom and Dad.  They were in our house when I was growing up so they are REALLY old. Quite a few years ago my Dad was cleaning out a storage room and asked if I wanted to take a look and keep anything. When I first saw the fork and spoon they were not in the best condition but they reminded me of ones I saw in a Pottery Barn catalog so I took them. My hubs offered to paint them black and they came out perfect and I’m so glad to have them in my house now!


Also in my kitchen area is my wrought iron arrow. I can switch out the wooden “signs”.  My Mom first bought this for me with a horse “sign” (which of course I love). But since then I’ve added a few more to my collection.  I have a pineapple, a beehive, a swan, a heart and a snowman but I am on the look out for an American flag and a bunny for springtime.


  This little corner nook is in our dining area. Yes we like our country decorations! HAHA We even have a farm house type of dining table and chairs.  This corner hutch is perfect to display my collection of pitchers and cookie jars. The red apple cookie jar on the bottom shelf is also an item from my childhood that I happily brought home.  At Christmas I change out the pitchers and cookie jars for Christmas themed pitchers, plates, bowls and cookie jars.  I mostly collect snowmen and gingerbread items! SO CUTE! I will have to take a photo of it and share it with you at the holidays.


Well that’s it I don’t want to bore you !!

I’ll leave you with a #tbt photo of me and my Dad at Easter in honor of this past Father’s Day.  The best Dad EVER. He gave me my first marshmallow peep (I’ve been in love ever since), took me to professional baseball games (I was super obsessed with the Dodgers and Angels AND the baseball players) and he made sure I shopped on Fifth Avenue in New York on family vacation (probably when my shopping addiction started!) For all that and everything in between THANKS DAD! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!



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