Everything is Awesome

OK so you guys may know by now that I don’t act my age and I love to have fun.   Thankfully I’m not alone.  Thank you husband!!!  We act immature and hang out with younger people including my 2 nephews, whom I adore by the way.   They love The Lego Movie and and love that song “Everything is Awesome”. We stopped by on Sunday and started watching the movie with and now that song is stuck in my head.AWESOME! (but I do love it) and it pretty much describes my weekend!

On Saturday we drove to Orange County to try out a new restaurant at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Red O by Rick Bayless. We know who Rick Bayless is from watching Top Chef and also going to his restaurant in Chicago a few years back.  He specializes in Mexican food and recipes that he learned from little villages in Mexico.  It was DELICIOUS in my opinion. I will definitely want to go back!  The margarita alone did it for me! =)






{Yum Yum and YUM!}


{more than THREE glorious walls of tequilas in the front of the restaurant}

We then walked around Fashion Island and checked out some stores and discovered a candy store we always visit in Vegas is now in Newport Beach         “Its Sugar”


{Perfect for my sis the Cross Fit Queen in the family}



{Perfect for the BACON lover in me!}


{or maybe this one????} haha


{Super adorable sign, no?}

Then we made our way to South Coast Plaza – the mecca of all shopping malls in So Cal.


{I found my future car, just a simple Bentley}


{And came home with the most beautiful blue bag in the world}

Oh I did go into the Zara at South Coast and it was MAD MAD House!!  People and clothes everywhere, clothes on the floor, dressing room line was long and I decided I didn’t need anything that bad! So Sad!



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