Disappearing Act

Have you come across bloggers that disappear without even a reason or clue as to why they no longer blog?  I have and sometimes it makes me wonder if something terrible has happened and I actually worry about them.  Is this strange? I don’t  know them personally they certainly don’t know I exist but sometimes i will try and search the internet for some sort of explanation.


For example I used to faithfully read a blog called Fashion Food and other Frivolity or something like that. I think her name was Natalie and she was in law school and would post a lot of OOTD’s, mostly Anthropologie clothes.  She was super pretty and very likable.  I think her last post was about her graduating from law school and it was a touching post because she talked about how happy she was that her grandpa was there to see her graduate.  Then after that I kept checking her blog and never saw a new post. So I thought maybe she was probably busy and preoccupied with everything but then it turned into a year and then longer.  People would leave comments asking if she was okay, that they missed her posts, etc.   Then one day the blog was gone.  I think someone else has the blog name or similar to it because it wasn’t the same girl.
The extra sensitive side of me  is worried that something terrible happened because why not just post one last time saying I’m too busy studying for the Bar Exam, taking the Exam, its been nice but I gotta move on.
Am I too sensitive?
I was reminded of this issue on instagram this past weekend.  I accidentally tagged a wrong name so then I checked the tag out of curiosity to see if it belonged to anyone and the account supposedly belonged to a girl that had died in a car accident and that’s why she has not posted since last year.  People were adding comments to her pictures and discussing the different stories written on her Instagram account but who knows what to believe!?
What do you think? Do you think its normal to just stop blogging without a goodbye? Have you experienced this with a favorite blog?

9 thoughts on “Disappearing Act

  1. Wow, that’s crazy and sad about the Instagram story! I hope your blogger friend is okay! It’s weird to just leave your blog, especially with no notice or anything. I just think about all the time and relationships I’ve built to just stop.

    I, too, have lost a blogger friend as well! She was so nice and she even made me a cartoon of myself, then she got a job, told everyone she had to blog less, but then less meant she hasn’t blogged since January 2nd. =( I hope she’s okay and just forgot about it but she was such a great blogger that I’m surprised she stopped posting.

    We should make a pact that we will not just up and abandon our blogs without notice because some people really do care about you! I know I have built wonderful relationships on here (one being with you!!) and I would be upset and worried if you just left without notice.

    I hope she returns somehow and says she’s okay!

    • First of all, good I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks about that kind of stuff and second, no we would definitely need some sort of goodbye post for closure. IG would be forever! =)

  2. YES! I would never just abandon ship! My fear would be not posting for a month and nobody even noticing LOL!!
    I’ve had a few of those mysterious bloggers disappear too. I agree, can’t they just do a quick “I’m too busy and fabulous to post” post?

  3. Wow I used to follow that blog too! In fact, it was one of my firsts! I loved it and was so sad when she stopped. I usually assume they are too busy or are simply over it, but so many people have come and gone over the years. I know if I ever stop ( which I don’t see happening ) I would definitely let my readers know.

    • That’s so funny you know what blog I’m talking about! She was one of my first blogs I read too! I think its strange but I think its the worry wart in me that always thinks something bad must have happened!! You know there are been times I don’t think I’m up for this blogging thing but I would say something even if no one cared!

  4. I’ve noticed that this has happened before too! It always make me feel the same way- is that person okay?! I agree with Christina that it would be good for all of us to check-in if we decide to stop posting…though I hope none of us do! I’m glad other people think about this too!

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