Thank you America for a great weekend

This weekend was spent celebrating America’s birthday and boy did we CELEBRATE! {cue the Kool and the Gang song}  I self imposed a casual day at my work on Thursday. I figured if most people were taking the day off and I had to come in to the office I should at least be comfortable but also represent the RED WHITE and BLUE. You can’t really tell but my shoes are blue and white gingham checked wedges. They are super cute but I don’t get to wear them as often as I would like.
After work and after a quick dinner and trip to the grocery store I started work on my July 4th project! Jello Shots!!
They were a hit with everyone even though they ended up not being that strong. Next time I will add a little more liquor!
We spent the 4th in Dana Point on an awesome boat and then we all took dinghys over to a sandbar cove and it was CROWDED!! I’m not much of a swimmer especially in the ocean but I was feeling pretty brave that day and have the battle wounds to show for it!!  I even took a kayak out with a small child (my friend’s little one) and let her have the oars for a while!! That’s bravery! LOL
{A surprise acrobatic aerial show}
It was a great day and I was one happy lady!
The fireworks were awesome and the best part is that we got to see them from the comfort of our friends’ front yard so there was no struggling for parking and spot to see them.
The next day we spent recuperating and on Sunday we made it out Del Mar to try out a restaurant close to the San Diego Fairgrounds that we are hoping to go to before Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack.
{my kind of recuperating by the pool}
Started out with a Bloody Mary for him and a Mojito for me (they didn’t have sangria, BOOO)  and a cheese platter.

It was a great weekend and I wish we could have a holiday every week!

 Hope you all had a great weekend whether you had a holiday to celebrate or not!



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