aka  Wow.Whatta.Weekend!  Yeah i came up with that all by myself!! HAHA

We had such a great long weekend and I’m so thankful for the chance to have fun and hang out with fabulous friends! As I mentioned in my last post we went to Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack on Thursday so I took Thursday and Friday off from work because as I get older I need that day after to recuperate.

We met my sister and bro-in-law at a restaurant near the racetrack in Del Mar named Sea and Smoke.  The food is absolutely delicious and they also had special drinks in honor of Opening Day. We sat in the back patio enjoying a beautiful late morning drinking mojitos and bloody marys.

We then headed towards the racetrack just down the street but there was so much traffic to get there it took a little longer than we expected but eventually we made it.  Our friends met us later and then we ran into more friends and it was such a fun time even if I didn’t win a lot of money! =(



{truly one of the most beautiful race tracks anywhere}



[gotta admire the jockeys for their endurance, strength and courage riding the beautiful, strong and speedy horses]


[hats, hats and more hats!}




{looking like a true handicapper, even smoking a cigar}


{don’t we look like we’re  up to no good??} photo c/o sister’s instagram =)


{with my honey}

This was only one day of my weekend I still have a couple of other fun days to share!  I’ll be back!!

Hope you had a great weekend too!


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