Anniversary Time

Its our 12 year wedding anniversary!!

I cannot believe how fast these 12 years have gone by!  It must be all the fun we’ve had the 14 years we’ve known each other.   But we have also been through sadness, changes and struggles but together we’ve made it through stronger and better than before.


Twelve years ago we didn’t have our wedding photos on a CD or download them digitally. We were on a budget so a friend of a co-worker was starting out as a photographer  and we hired her to take our pictures and I have the old fashioned negatives to prove it! =)  Our wedding was held in La Jolla, California  in a small park on a cliff over looking the ocean.  We had a small wedding about 60 people and it was perfect and exactly what we wanted.


You probably can’t tell but he’s sticking his tongue out at me! Makes me laugh everything I see this picture!


{ah so young}



I will need to upload a way better picture of our wedding location because it really was awesome.


I don’t have any magical words about finding the right person but I do know that God brought us together and He knows what’s best for us.  Even though somethings we hoped for and expected but we didn’t get, we are happy and at peace with God’s plan for us.  There is no one in the world for me but my husband!

Happy Anniversary Mr. Real Pretend Blog!



4 thoughts on “Anniversary Time

  1. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful couple! I loved the picture of you two in the sand and surf. Having a companion in life is such a blessing 🙂

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