We celebrated our anniversary on Sunday (even though it was actually on Monday) so we traveled out to St. Regis Resort in Dana Point/Monarch Beach.  Such a beautiful place with an amazing brunch buffet!! We met our friends at their house and we started with some mimosas and strawberries. We then hopped in a cab on our way to the St. Regis!  Once we got there I filled up on more mimosa (hubs cut me off, seriously!) and I tried to get my fill of all the great variety of items.  But let me just say I  did not get my moneys worth of food but what I did get was AWESOME!  And they also were so kind to bring us a Happy Anniversary dessert plate which was really nice.


{View from the restaurant}

{I thought this was so cute in black and white}

(3 amigas}




{desserts galore}


{yes! I’m holding 2 mimosas!!}


{beautiful anniversary flowers from a beautiful friend who happens to co-own the The Beach Flower in Dana Point}

It was such a great way to spend our anniversary weekend –  I cant wait for next year!!

Hope you are all having a great week so far!


2 thoughts on “Happyhappyjoyjoy

  1. What a beautiful way to spend your anniversary! I have the st Regis on my list for places to visit! It looks like such a gorgeous hotel.

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