Our Weekend

On Saturday we ventured back out to Orange County for a baby shower on Sunday and an EARLY morning fishing trip for my hubby. Saturday night we joined our friends for what the locals call a booze cruise. Fortunately for us we get to go on a booze cruise quite a bit because my hubby’s friend is a captain and runs the boat so we can usually catch a cruise when we go down there.  It was a gorgeous sunset on Saturday and it was actually sprinkling but was also warm so it made for a humid mess but still lots of fun.


The next day my husband was up before 4 a.m. to leave for a short fishing trip with his friends while I slept in for a little while longer before helping my friend set up for her sister’s baby shower!



{Sunrise on Pacific Ocean}


{the awesome boat they were on}


{the boat hauling ass to get to a sweet spot}


The baby shower was wonderful and so much fun. My friend’s sister is a first time mom and she looks radiant and so happy!  My friend did a AWESOME job of putting this baby shower together with  help from family and friends!



{the cake table}



{outside  for lunch}


{the cutest cookies}


(yes, real tulips}



{the fabulous Mimosa Bar – it was my job to make sure it was always stocked or that I didn’t drink it all}


{Showered with presents}


We had some fun with this!  One of the games we were each given an ice cube with a tiny baby frozen in it and when the baby melts out of the ice cube you say “my water broke”.  Even though I didn’t win I found it amusing to see a baby floating in my peach mango mimosa!! And then I came across this photo op!


{A bunch of babies in a pool!!}

Yes that’s the kind of sick humor I have after a few(ahem!) mimosas!

Hope you all a had a great weekend and I am a little behind since it is already Wednesday! Happy Hump Day


2 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. You have the best weekends Suzanne! I love the scenery. I haven’t been on a boat in quite some time! Hopefully I can make that happen before summer is over.

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