Life according to my iPhone

I hope you all had a great weekend! They always go by way too fast of course. Lately I have been thinking about how to get more viewers to my blog but then again I don’t want to be out there too much.  I guess I just want to know if people care about what I write about.  I love clothes, shoes and fashion but I don’t take the best pictures.  I guess when I started this blog I thought it would get my creative juices flowing and that I would have so much to write about but I guess I don’t have as much creativity as I thought!  BOOO!   But I DO LOVE hearing from you who do read my blog and I hope that you continue to visit! =)


{Hubby made a brie baked in bread and added fruit, salami and crackers. It was so fancy and nice!}


{Speaking of fancy-  a new favorite inexpensive wine and from Target. I love Target!}


{ On Saturday we went to Cucinia Enoteca in Del Mar before heading to the horse races. They have cute decor – part Anthropologie/part horse theme with toy horses hanging along the stairs and the food was EXCELLENT!!}


{White wine sangria served in a mason jar}

{View of the paddock}


{Came home with some extra spending money thanks to horses with cute names}


{On Sunday we went to a local restaurant the Public House for lunch and I had a white raspberry sangria that was to die for}


{And then we picked up some wine member shipments}



{“Dalmatian” top from H&M and old black pencil skirt and Target peep toes}


(F21 Summer dress and a Target black blazer for work appropriateness, Target black sandals}


{Yes I’m on the romper train!! This actually looked a lot cuter in person plus I got complimented at lunch. =) F21 black romper comfy and inexpensive}

And please feel free to give me any suggestions or words of encouragement ‘)


5 thoughts on “Life according to my iPhone

  1. I love your blog Suzanne, keep it up! I know it’s hard to come up with posts. I often struggle with writer’s block! I think you just have to keep at it and be patient. Also commenting on other people’s blogs helps too.
    And yay for your always awesome weekends! I love that restaurant’s decor! Oh and that target wine…what does it taste like!

    • Aww thanks Nicole for all your nice comments! Fancy Pants wine is really good in my opinion. Its a red wine blend so its not one specific kind of wine. Its not dry and its not too sweet! And I LOVE the South Coast Winery Rose and its like $8 at Winco (if you know where that is) xoxo

  2. You look soooo pretty in your romper!! ❤ I'm totally into the romper style, too!! I wished I lived closer to you b/c I would LOVE to have that delicious looking white raspberry sangria with you!!

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