Oldies but goodies

I couldn’t sleep the other night so when that happens my mind wanders to either work and something totally random like reruns of Old TV shows.  Makes total sense right?  Because of Robin Williams recent passing (so sad!) one of our cable channels was playing Mork and Mindy. I watched that show when I was kid and enjoyed but as I look at it now I can’t believe how corny the opening credits were. Ahh the 80’s!

But I started thinking that I actually would rather watch an old TV show from my childhood than the most current shows on right now.  I love watching I Love Lucy, Three’s Company, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Friends, all totally different from each other, right?  I wonder – Am I turning to an old fuddy duddy who is reliving their childhood?

It’s the same with music.  I like some current songs but I would rather listen to an 80’s or 90’s station on XM. I remember when I would be in the car with my mom when I was young and she listened to a radio station that played “Oldies but Goodies” and those were songs she grew up with in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  A couple years ago I came across that same station and they still play oldies but goodies but now those songs are ones I grew up with! WTF?

I guess I’m just a rerun girl – speaking of Rerun does anyone remember that show What’s Happening? I loved that too!

Does anyone else enjoy old TV shows and listening to music from their childhood? Or Am i CRAzY??

Oh man its Monday and I just can’t get going so please excuse me so I can get some more caffeine!!

Here’s hoping its a great week for you and me!


4 thoughts on “Oldies but goodies

  1. I love Lucy is my favorite show of all time! I agree with you! It’s hard to get into tv now when most of it is mindless reality. I do watch bravo a lot thoigh and it’s a total guilty pleasure! But I do love old tv shows and watch them whenever I see a show come on!

    • We watch Bravo too but mostly Top Chef and Flipped Out and I can’t get into the Housewives and we love most of the cooking competitions on TV because I guess we love food!! hahaha. I LOVE that you love Lucy too!! =)

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