A week ago . . .

I was on what I (and a bunch of other people) call a “staycation”.  You know where you don’t really go away anywhere but you’re not at work so it’s definitely a vacation.  My hubby took two weeks off but I only took one week off. He did SOOO many things around the house! He chopped down a dead tree in our front yard; worked on our yard and house and he also refurnished an old cabinet of mine for my “princess cave” (his words not mine).


It used to be a unfinished cabinet I bought from some cheap place YEARS ago when I moved out on my own. Its been in the garage and he was actually going to throw it out or give it away a few years ago but I asked him to keep it. Well he painted it white and then sanded it down to give it a shabby chic look and pained the handles a bright hot pink with some spray paint I had. Voila! Perfect for my princess cave =)


 {Fig and Olive is actually next to Red O (awesome mexican cuisine) seen here


One of the first things we did with our week off was go to Orange County to visit my Dad.  He took us to lunch at Fig & Olive at Fashion Island in Newport Beach and it was so good. I had a healthy quinoa salad so I could splurge on the dessert above – berry tart with vanilla mascarpone. YUM!!







We also hung out with friends on our staycation and I actually got to see the lovely lady who introduced me to my husband, and who wasn’t trying to set us up,  and who I hadn’t seen in about 9 years!! One day we rented a Duffy boat (or as we were calling it a Muffy Boat, don’t ask) and took a cruise around Newport Harbor. We all brought goodies and drinks to share with each other and it was more than enough. We saw a sea lion lounging on a old small dock and a very expensive Google catamaran that looked like it hadn’t been touched in years! We ended our  fun day with fantastic dinner and mojito (for me) at Watermarc in Laguna Beach.  Can’t wait to do that again!!

I can’t tell you how many drinks I had during my staycation but if you follow me on instagram you saw quite a few pictures of the different sangrias and mimosas I had!  (**hanging my head in shame** ya not really)


{this was best ^^^ a Cuban Sangria from a little cuban place in our little town}


{pomegranate mimosa for me passion fruit mimosa for my partner in crime at Cafe Mimosa

We drove into Orange County again the night before my husband was going fishing with his friend so after we had a delicious dinner at their house my friend and I managed a shopping trip to Marshalls (she finds the cutest dresses there!) and then hit a local wine bar  Five Vines for a glass (or 2) of Frisk Prickly Rosso. We never had this wine before but it was so refreshing and good, it was like a chilled rose´. I’ll be looking for it from now on.

So the next day while my hubby was fishing with his friend, my friend and I had a girls day which should have included a trip to her gym but plans changed and we went to lunch and mimosas instead.  Such a terrible plan!! NOT!! LOL =)



I’m sure you heard there was a harvest moon so I was trying to get a good photo of it but being on the road and using an iphone didn’t make the best picture.   The first picture was the sunset setting on a big thunder cloud and you can see the moon coming up to the left of the cloud.  I got ready at 8:30 p.m. to take a picture of the moon at the exact time it was supposed to be red but wouldn’t you know some cloud covering rolled over it and this is the best I got! FAIL!

So these were the highlights of my staycation and I must say I could get used to these, especially if they happened more often!!

Have a GREAT week everyone!!


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