Fall Polish

One of the things I like I about Fall is the darker nail polish that I like to use on my toes and fingers.  I rarely have a mani-pedi done at a salon, only every once in awhile when I need I little extra help softening up my feet.  I like to change my polish often too so that’s why I just do it myself most of the time.

I really like the brand Sinful Colors. They are super inexpensive (like $2) and I get mine at Target (my favorite place).   The polish goes on smooth and really stays on my nails for awhile and I type quite a bit at work so that says a lot in my opinion.

I also like OPI and I feel I find the best prices at Nordstrom Rack but if I like a color enough I don’t mind spending $8-9 on it. I also have really good luck with Sally Hansen nail polish.  The other night I went to a local beauty supply store called Beauty One and they have a huge selection of OPI and Essie and they also have a rewards card so you will get credit towards merchandise when you buy $100 worth of products. So I ended up buying the mini collection of OPI nail polish for the Muppets movie, it was too cute to pass up. There was a bright blue and a light pink, a nude and a red.   Now I just have to go through my box of nail polish and get rid of any old ugly polish so I have room for new pretty ones!



{Sinful Colors (not sure of name)}


{OPI Lincoln Park After Dark}


{OPI Russian Navy}

What are some of your favorite nail polish colors right now?  And please give me any suggestions for colors or brands!


{or whatever season you may be experiencing right now!!}


3 thoughts on “Fall Polish

  1. I love fall colors! I think OPI makes my favorite dark shades. I like lincoln park at midnight, Malaga wine, and you don’t know Jacques! I also love Chanel’s moody colors too! And I’m with you, I rarely get my nails done because I own way too much polish.

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