The One at The Pumpkin Patch

So far my husband and I have not been blessed with children but we love our nephews like our own and we are their godparents so spending time with them is always fun and special.

We met my sister and her family at the local pumpkin patch nestled in wine country.  Originally we were going to meet later in the afternoon so I thought i would have time to go home to change into more appropriate shoes but we moved it up so of course I showed up at a pumpkin patch farm with rocks, dirt and hay wearing wedges. Totally appropriate right? ??  It was cute because my youngest nephew was holding my hand while I walking on the rocks to make sure I was ok! =)




 {Pony Rides}


{taking a train ride with Uncle B}


 { a pretty sad corn maze – the drought here in California has shrunk the usual size of the stalks of corn}  😦


{one of my most favorite flowers – so happy and bright}IMG_6526

{One of these days I hope to have a cute lit’ ol’ truck like this – (no I’m serious!) but it would be all cherried out}


After the pumpkin patch, me and the hubby drove around the area and then stopped by one of the wineries to pick up our shipment but they were already closed for a wedding.  So instead we went to their restaurant for a glass of watermelon sangria (its the best!!!) for me. The nice host took us to an lounge area we had never been to before and it had the BEST view!!  He actually said it was the first time he has seen it open for people to have a drink.  And even the waitress said she was surprised it was open and said we must be getting  the VIP treatment! LOL !! Obviously it had been a really long time that anyone had sat out there because the tables and cushions were super dusty but they were so great to quickly clean it up for us.  I will definitely be going back and it did not disappoint as you can see in these pictures!




Hope you have a great week!


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