Beauty Mini-Haul

Yesterday I ended up at CVS during my lunch hour with a post-it note stuck to my phone so I could pick up a few necessities. After scanning my CVS card at the machine I ended up with 3 foot long paper coupons which was nice because I ended using 2 including a $5.00 rewards! YAY for me!

I’ve been thinking of going a little brighter on my lips (I think thanks in part to the lovely Rosie at A Red Lip and A Nude Shoe ). So the night before I perused the internet for some lovely bright lips. I screen shot some photos to keep on my phone for reference but as I ended up at CVS  I totally forgot I had saved those pictures.  No worries, when I got back to work I realized I actually happened to pick one of the lipsticks I had saved!




Being that I was venturing into unchartered territory wearing bright colors on my lips, I really did not want to spend a lot of money in case I didn’t like it on me or if I chickened out.  So these fit the bill.

I ended up with the Wet n Wild “Dollhouse Pink”  – I love it  Now I just have to get used to it!


CVS was having a buy one get  one 50% off sale with Wet N Wild so I also picked up nail polish called “Through the Grapevine” (yes I could’ve  picked this because of my tiny obsession with wine. LOL)



I also bought necessities. I’ve used Neutrogena for a long time but I have never tried this new product.  Hopefully it will do me some good! Clean Face = Happy FaceIMG_6660

Travel size goodies






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