She’s crafty . . .


A few weeks ago I was reading up on some of my fave blogs and I saw the ever lovely Christina’s post on DIY on her Life Being Girly blog. I started  thinking that last year I was more crafty and ambitious that I’ve been this year! What’s up with that?  So I went back to take some pictures of some DIY’s I did so I could prove I used to be crafty!!

I actually had to learn how to use a sewing machine again for this DIY. My inspiration was the American Apparel leather clutch that was making the rounds awhile back which probably came from the popular and so expensive Clare Vivier clutches (especially the leopard one! L.O.V.E) so I ended up making a few!




{and I just used one of them a couple of weeks ago when  I went to the local Greek Festival}

I tried different sizes and colors and mixed and matched the zippers so it was usually contrasting colors.  They come in handy. I even used one as a”tech” bag in my carry on so I could keep headphones, chargers, etc organized.


Another DIY idea I got from a blogger who has since left the blogging world behind but she still has a fabulous instagram account as “lifeisbananas15”

This awesome necklace was the inspiration.

Inspiration from Lux + Trip

My finished product


{Exhibit “B}

I got the rock like beads and rings at Michaels and yes those are hot pink shoelaces!


This next one was basically done by my husband BUT I WAS the creative consultant!! He was the muscle and technician.  This DIY was inspired by the ultra edgy and SUPER expensive Alexander McQueen hand held clutches.  I was hoping to find a skull ring but never found one, so I used this cute heart knuckle ring from Charlotte Russe.  The “clutch” is just a glittery sunglasses case I bought for $2.00.  It takes some work to get my phone to fit in there so its not really ideal but I still like it.






Probably the DIY I am most proud of is my take on Burberry’s Owl Sweater from a couple of years ago.




I used a stencil from the internet and bought a sweater from H&M that was less than $20 and then bought some waterproof markers from Michaels and VOILA !! My Burberry inspired sweater at a “milli-fraction” of the price!!

Do you DIY?  Maybe this will kick start more projects for me!!


5 thoughts on “She’s crafty . . .

  1. Great job Suzanne! I love the clutches! I’ve been dying for a Clare v clutch for quite some time, even though I already own a similar one! Silly I know. You did a wonderful recreation. I wish I could sew. My mom can, but I need to learn.

    Oh and you were at the Greek fest too?! Why don’t we ever run into each other?

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