Paradise – Final Chapter

I’m wrapping up this 3 part post about our family’s trip to Oahu.  Our last full day was spent with my Dad going to Honolulu to see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial.  I remember going there when I was a little kid and seeing the older veterans dressed in their uniforms that would volunteer at the memorial center so you ask them questions, listen to their stories or just to say “thank you” but it made me really sad to see they’re not there anymore because they have either passed away or just can’t get there. They truly are the greatest generation in my opinion.






It was such an emotional place to be and experience and see actual footage of what happened there so many years ago. This was my 3rd time there it gets me every time.


We then went to Waikiki Beach for lunch on the beach. We ended up at Duke’s which was ok but I did have a nice tropical drink to go along with the beautiful weather.





Then out of nowhere it got dark and started pouring as we were walking around  but just as fast as it started it stoppedIMG_7079


*****Extra nice touches from Aulani ****


{The Adult Infinity Pool overlooking the beach}


{the architecture of the lobby at Aulani is beautiful. Very Hawaiian and many of the structures were shaped like old canoes}


{Strawberry Velvet pancakes with Cream Cheese syrup! YUM at the Restaurant Ama’ ama’  at Aulani}

IMG_7101Since we were at Aulani during Halloween they had some activities for the kids. My nephews dressed up as Star Wars characters and were able to trick or treat around the hotel grounds. (Unfortunately we were stuck in major traffic coming home from Honolulu and did not get to see them.)  There was also a pumpkin carving contest at the hotel and the above was the winning pumpkin. It was an amazing looking pumpkin “hamburger with cheese and fries on the side”

It was such a great time to spend time with my family and it was so special for all of us. Thanks to my Dad for treating and spoiling us as always. The only thing missing was my Mom but I know she is happy and she is always with us.

I’m working on putting a photo album of our trip to Oahu and I came across this quote that pretty much sums it up.

The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessings

Have a great week my friends!!


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