Coziness is . . .

As much as I enjoy getting away for a few days and spending time on an extra comfy hotel bed I love being home especially when it’s chilly and getting warm and cozy.   We have a gas fireplace and while it doesn’t have that lovely smokey smell and crackling of the logs IT IS super easy just to come home and flip the switch to start the fire AND there’s no cleaning up of the ashes!!


We love blankets and pillows on our sofa. My husband has a Darth Vader quilt that is his only and I have a variety of blankets I use and I like to switch them out everyone once in awhile. I recently came across this blog which had some great information about getting better sleep and the best products for the kind of sleeper you are, which led me to their online website Parachute Home Bedding and I must say the striped cashmere throw  is calling my name now!


{add a cozy blanket}


{a glass of wine and don’t forget a coaster, especially one that says “will work for shoes and wine”}


{Reading a heartfelt story always adds to the coziness}


{or browsing blogs and online window shopping can be cozy with a Scentsy candle nearby}


Coziness is happiness

What makes you feel cozy?


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