1, 2, 3 Testing….???

So it’s been a little bit of radio silence over here and I hope you’re still with me. There’s been a lot going on and then not much of anything so I guess I really haven’t been in the mood to write. 

First of all, I’ve been out of a job for a couple of months so that was “my a lot going on”, emotionally mostly. It wasn’t really my choice but it was the right decision. So then I had to brush the dust off my resume and spruce it up.  I also really wanted to find something in my area rather than drive 30+ miles one way but there’s not a lot in my area of work. I’ve had a few interviews but nothing has panned out yet so I have my days where I get down but I have faith that God is preparing something better for me and I just have to be patient.

I have been having fun and I would love to put together a couple posts here and there to catch up!!! I just wanted to give you a little update and I could always use a little prayer and happy thoughts!!! Xoxoxo

Hope you are all doing great!!!


6 thoughts on “1, 2, 3 Testing….???

  1. Sending you love and hugs and best wishes! Be kind to yourself and take deep breaths, God is getting ready to open that next door for you. In the meantime, let’s praise Him in the hallway. Take care ♥

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