1, 2, 3 Testing….???

So it’s been a little bit of radio silence over here and I hope you’re still with me. There’s been a lot going on and then not much of anything so I guess I really haven’t been in the mood to write. 

First of all, I’ve been out of a job for a couple of months so that was “my a lot going on”, emotionally mostly. It wasn’t really my choice but it was the right decision. So then I had to brush the dust off my resume and spruce it up.  I also really wanted to find something in my area rather than drive 30+ miles one way but there’s not a lot in my area of work. I’ve had a few interviews but nothing has panned out yet so I have my days where I get down but I have faith that God is preparing something better for me and I just have to be patient.

I have been having fun and I would love to put together a couple posts here and there to catch up!!! I just wanted to give you a little update and I could always use a little prayer and happy thoughts!!! Xoxoxo

Hope you are all doing great!!!


Confession . . .

I guess this could go under #womancrushwednesday!  Time to confess! I am obsessed with someone right now! Not in creepy stalker way but in a happy, in awe way.  Gwen Stefani! When I found out she was going to be a new coach on The Voice I was ecstatic!!  So then I started following her (and No Doubt) on Instagram and I became more obsessed.

I have loved No Doubt and her music for a long time!! She is from Orange County. I am from Orange County. I was born and raised in the next town over from her hometown of Anaheim.  Our high schools were football rivals.  She went to the college I went to.  So like I told my hubby last week she should be my friend!  He gave me a side eye and said “ya you should go to her house and tell her that!” Yes he’s hilarious . . .

I also love her style and her clothing lines. I just wish I could afford it! I will be on the hunt to get something fabulous and at a great price!!

I have seen her perform twice. The first time was at all day concert in Irvine, CA put on by the best radio station I listened to growing – KROQ. It was called the Weenie Roast and they still have it now. No Doubt performed and her (future) husband Gavin Rossadale’s band Bush performed also.  So cute!!  The second time I saw Gwen perform was on her own and my sister took me for my birthday to the Honda Center in Anaheim and as she was playing in front of her hometown it was AWESOME!


This past weekend she performed at the Global Citizens festival in the Central Park in NY. It was on TV and after grabbing some lunch at running some errands we got home and put the TV on just as No Doubt started their set. It was fate =)

Now I find out No Doubt will be in Las Vegas in May performing at the Rock in Rio festival with other bands so now I have to look into that!


So lets just say that I will be watching every episode of The Voice and listening to Gwen on repeat.



Do you have a healthy happy obsession with someone?  Do tell!!

Oldies but goodies

I couldn’t sleep the other night so when that happens my mind wanders to either work and something totally random like reruns of Old TV shows.  Makes total sense right?  Because of Robin Williams recent passing (so sad!) one of our cable channels was playing Mork and Mindy. I watched that show when I was kid and enjoyed but as I look at it now I can’t believe how corny the opening credits were. Ahh the 80’s!

But I started thinking that I actually would rather watch an old TV show from my childhood than the most current shows on right now.  I love watching I Love Lucy, Three’s Company, Roseanne, Seinfeld, Friends, all totally different from each other, right?  I wonder – Am I turning to an old fuddy duddy who is reliving their childhood?

It’s the same with music.  I like some current songs but I would rather listen to an 80’s or 90’s station on XM. I remember when I would be in the car with my mom when I was young and she listened to a radio station that played “Oldies but Goodies” and those were songs she grew up with in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  A couple years ago I came across that same station and they still play oldies but goodies but now those songs are ones I grew up with! WTF?

I guess I’m just a rerun girl – speaking of Rerun does anyone remember that show What’s Happening? I loved that too!

Does anyone else enjoy old TV shows and listening to music from their childhood? Or Am i CRAzY??

Oh man its Monday and I just can’t get going so please excuse me so I can get some more caffeine!!

Here’s hoping its a great week for you and me!

Disappearing Act

Have you come across bloggers that disappear without even a reason or clue as to why they no longer blog?  I have and sometimes it makes me wonder if something terrible has happened and I actually worry about them.  Is this strange? I don’t  know them personally they certainly don’t know I exist but sometimes i will try and search the internet for some sort of explanation.


For example I used to faithfully read a blog called Fashion Food and other Frivolity or something like that. I think her name was Natalie and she was in law school and would post a lot of OOTD’s, mostly Anthropologie clothes.  She was super pretty and very likable.  I think her last post was about her graduating from law school and it was a touching post because she talked about how happy she was that her grandpa was there to see her graduate.  Then after that I kept checking her blog and never saw a new post. So I thought maybe she was probably busy and preoccupied with everything but then it turned into a year and then longer.  People would leave comments asking if she was okay, that they missed her posts, etc.   Then one day the blog was gone.  I think someone else has the blog name or similar to it because it wasn’t the same girl.
The extra sensitive side of me  is worried that something terrible happened because why not just post one last time saying I’m too busy studying for the Bar Exam, taking the Exam, its been nice but I gotta move on.
Am I too sensitive?
I was reminded of this issue on instagram this past weekend.  I accidentally tagged a wrong name so then I checked the tag out of curiosity to see if it belonged to anyone and the account supposedly belonged to a girl that had died in a car accident and that’s why she has not posted since last year.  People were adding comments to her pictures and discussing the different stories written on her Instagram account but who knows what to believe!?
What do you think? Do you think its normal to just stop blogging without a goodbye? Have you experienced this with a favorite blog?