Where does the time go?

This pretty much says it all. Time is passing so fast I can’t even be very creative when it comes to my blog.

But we’ve had some beautiful sunsets here in California and because I’m usually on the road at sunset time it’s blurry but you get the idea!! It’s beautiful!

We drove to San Diego for lunch and a sangria by the water and then to grab a delicious slice of cake at Extraordinary Desserts! So yum!!!










A little OOTD

Its a short week and my brain is already on 3 day weekend mode so here are a few pictures from the week


Sunday Funday OOTD


Need my coffee to start off at work


RRRAAAAWWWRRRR ( need I say more?)


A little patriotic OOTD for July 4th Eve

{These are from my Instagram as you can see on the side bar. Make a request on IG if you’d like to follow me. Not ready to make it public yet! LOL)


My lovely Tiffany wallet for my smaller handbags


Discovered these little mini Peeps at Target  and YES ITS LOVE


Finished off my work week with a patriotic donut!


Everything is Awesome

OK so you guys may know by now that I don’t act my age and I love to have fun.   Thankfully I’m not alone.  Thank you husband!!!  We act immature and hang out with younger people including my 2 nephews, whom I adore by the way.   They love The Lego Movie and and love that song “Everything is Awesome”. We stopped by on Sunday and started watching the movie with and now that song is stuck in my head.AWESOME! (but I do love it) and it pretty much describes my weekend!

On Saturday we drove to Orange County to try out a new restaurant at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Red O by Rick Bayless. We know who Rick Bayless is from watching Top Chef and also going to his restaurant in Chicago a few years back.  He specializes in Mexican food and recipes that he learned from little villages in Mexico.  It was DELICIOUS in my opinion. I will definitely want to go back!  The margarita alone did it for me! =)






{Yum Yum and YUM!}


{more than THREE glorious walls of tequilas in the front of the restaurant}

We then walked around Fashion Island and checked out some stores and discovered a candy store we always visit in Vegas is now in Newport Beach         “Its Sugar”


{Perfect for my sis the Cross Fit Queen in the family}



{Perfect for the BACON lover in me!}


{or maybe this one????} haha


{Super adorable sign, no?}

Then we made our way to South Coast Plaza – the mecca of all shopping malls in So Cal.


{I found my future car, just a simple Bentley}


{And came home with the most beautiful blue bag in the world}

Oh I did go into the Zara at South Coast and it was MAD MAD House!!  People and clothes everywhere, clothes on the floor, dressing room line was long and I decided I didn’t need anything that bad! So Sad!


Happy Spring!! I want . . .


A cute Bunny pillow for our bench in our “foyer” (so fancy, haha)


Fresh flowers in my house everyday (these were given to me by my friend just because! Aww)


Peanut Butter Yogurt w/ raspberries, blueberries and mini nutter butters from Yogurtland (but they don’t have Hello Kitty cups anymore!) =(

And since I’m really bad at taking pictures of myself in a mirror, here’s an awkward OOTD taken by my desk.


Love my camo pants from the Gap with navy blue, very loose and comfy sweater from H&M (last year-buy 1 get 1 free)



This is my necklace from Forever 21! Kinda cool and edgy but more importantly really inexpensive!

OK. That is all.  Happy First Day of Spring



Darn you Target! =)

Just when I should start thinking of getting ready for summer weather and clothes, and after all I am going to Vegas next month to celebrate my sister’s birthday, I start eating these . . .



and I’m not going to lie. I kind of love them! (YES! those are Easter Hershey kisses and Reese’s peanut butter cups and Peeps you see in the background. Please don’t judge, I’m weak)  😉  We also bought the mint chip Chips Ahoy but those are husbands.  I bought them at Target just hours after I had seen a commercial for them. I wasn’t really interested when i saw the commercial but when I saw them in person they called out to me. And they were 2 for $4 so so since husband was getting the mint chip ones it was only fair that I got some too! HAHA

I also got this basket on clearance ($10)  so that I could stash my flats in but actually it would make a cute beach bag too!


You know what they say about Target you can’t just go in for one thing! And while I was paying for everything I realized I forgot to buy one of the things I went there for!! OY!

Happiness is . .

20140314-065543.jpg                         20140314-065625.jpg

watching my nephew play in his 1st baseball game of the season with my family and then watching him and my husband fish in the lake by our house.

20140314-065847.jpg                        20140314-065719.jpg

spending a day at the races with friends and trying to make a little money.

20140314-065944.jpg                     20140314-070107.jpg

lounging by a pool in Vegas                                                       a pink moped!

20140308-232811.jpg                    20140308-231030.jpg

a watermelon Sangria from a local winery                a Hello Kitty Birthday cake



Have a great weekend!! xoxo

Just forkin’ around

We love to EAT and we love to try new restaurants or places that we have seen on TV like on Food Network’s Diners Drive-ins and Dives. We also like to try restaurants belonging to chefs that we see on Top Chef or Chopped, etc. (Geez I guess we watch too much television!).

Emeril Lagasse bone marrow appetizer in Vegas

Emeril Lagasse bone marrow appetizer in Vegas

Homemade donuts with 3 different dipping sauces in Vegas

Homemade donuts with 3 different dipping sauces in Vegas

The donuts (above) and fabulous BBQ Root Beer Pulled Pork Eggrolls used to be at First Food Bar at the Palazzo but they closed suddenly I guess after a leasing dispute with the hotel. =(

Chicken Sandwich and pasta salad from local winery

Chicken Sandwich and pasta salad from local winery

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Butternut Squash Soup Heart Shaped Dollop of Cream (awwww)

Butternut Squash Soup w/ Heart Shaped Dollop of Cream (awww)

And then there are the times that we attempt at making dishes that look equal to a famous chefs!! LOL

Husband's Caprese Salad

Husband’s Caprese Salad

My Valentines Day Hummus
My Valentines Day Hummus

Husband's Homemade Sprinkles Cupcakes

Husband’s Homemade Sprinkles Cupcakes. He used the Sprinkles Ingredient can from William Sonoma. Soo GOOD!!

St Patrick's Day Irish Soda Bread and Green Corona

St Patrick’s Day Irish Soda Bread and Green Corona

So this is just a little sampling of what we eat around here. A little bit of everything. . .and then some. =) 

Do you like to try different types of food or stick to the classics?