Coziness is . . .

As much as I enjoy getting away for a few days and spending time on an extra comfy hotel bed I love being home especially when it’s chilly and getting warm and cozy.   We have a gas fireplace and while it doesn’t have that lovely smokey smell and crackling of the logs IT IS super easy just to come home and flip the switch to start the fire AND there’s no cleaning up of the ashes!!


We love blankets and pillows on our sofa. My husband has a Darth Vader quilt that is his only and I have a variety of blankets I use and I like to switch them out everyone once in awhile. I recently came across this blog which had some great information about getting better sleep and the best products for the kind of sleeper you are, which led me to their online website Parachute Home Bedding and I must say the striped cashmere throw  is calling my name now!


{add a cozy blanket}


{a glass of wine and don’t forget a coaster, especially one that says “will work for shoes and wine”}


{Reading a heartfelt story always adds to the coziness}


{or browsing blogs and online window shopping can be cozy with a Scentsy candle nearby}


Coziness is happiness

What makes you feel cozy?


My favorite . . .

I’ve been a little in a creative dry spell (not that I’m all that creative on my blog) but I just didn’t feel super excited about anything this week.  A couple of annoying days at work will do that to you I guess!

I’m thinking this maybe something I would like to do once a month and I’ll post some of my favorites like desserts, movies, music, fashion, drinks, etc. Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see!

So  today I decided to show you a few of my favorite places in my house. When we bought our house it wasn’t built yet so it was kind of great to be able to see it from the very beginning. It’s not a custom home (I wish, one of these days) but we were able to choose some options from the beginning.


I chose the frosted window and the design on the pantry door because it looked old fashioned and sort of country like. We painted it a barn house red which looks great with the yellowish color walls.  The wooden fork and spoon are special to me because they used to belong to my Mom and Dad.  They were in our house when I was growing up so they are REALLY old. Quite a few years ago my Dad was cleaning out a storage room and asked if I wanted to take a look and keep anything. When I first saw the fork and spoon they were not in the best condition but they reminded me of ones I saw in a Pottery Barn catalog so I took them. My hubs offered to paint them black and they came out perfect and I’m so glad to have them in my house now!


Also in my kitchen area is my wrought iron arrow. I can switch out the wooden “signs”.  My Mom first bought this for me with a horse “sign” (which of course I love). But since then I’ve added a few more to my collection.  I have a pineapple, a beehive, a swan, a heart and a snowman but I am on the look out for an American flag and a bunny for springtime.


  This little corner nook is in our dining area. Yes we like our country decorations! HAHA We even have a farm house type of dining table and chairs.  This corner hutch is perfect to display my collection of pitchers and cookie jars. The red apple cookie jar on the bottom shelf is also an item from my childhood that I happily brought home.  At Christmas I change out the pitchers and cookie jars for Christmas themed pitchers, plates, bowls and cookie jars.  I mostly collect snowmen and gingerbread items! SO CUTE! I will have to take a photo of it and share it with you at the holidays.


Well that’s it I don’t want to bore you !!

I’ll leave you with a #tbt photo of me and my Dad at Easter in honor of this past Father’s Day.  The best Dad EVER. He gave me my first marshmallow peep (I’ve been in love ever since), took me to professional baseball games (I was super obsessed with the Dodgers and Angels AND the baseball players) and he made sure I shopped on Fifth Avenue in New York on family vacation (probably when my shopping addiction started!) For all that and everything in between THANKS DAD! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!


Young at heart

Most of the time I don’t feel my age so then I end up not acting my age and then I wonder if people think I’m just an immature weirdo but I just like to have fun and thankfully my husband likes to have fun so we act silly together and make each other laugh. So I think that’s whats important.

This weekend besides watching the Preakness and winning a couple of bets we spent a little time with my nephews which led to us watch a Lego Star Wars cartoon with them and then build a Lego toy for them (well actually my husband built it)

I did this:


 And then I contemplated painting C3PO’s silver leg gold.  Last year I bought one of my nephews C3PO and he noticed that one leg was not painted gold and thought auntie got him a defective C3PO!  I told him I would paint the leg with some gold nail polish if he wanted me to.  Well after many months of forgetting to bring the nail polish over to paint the defective leg on Sunday he says “Auntie you take him home and paint his leg with the gold nail polish”  OK then!

So my husbands project was to build this


And mine was this:


See where his right leg is silver?

I took out my gold nail polish and realized it was glittery, too glittery for C3P0! I didn’t think it was such a great idea to paint it glittery gold after all.  But I got a little curious so I googled C3PO’s leg and I actually found out that it’s supposed to be like that!! Supposedly in one of the movies there was some sort of explosion and he lost his leg so they only had a silver one to replace it with and it never got painted.  Interesting right ?  right?? Helllloooo?? LOL !!  Once I explained it to my nephew he seemed satisfied that auntie didn’t give him a defective toy and was OK with C3PO having one silver leg.  YAY !!

But seriously in my opinion I think a C3PO with one blinged out glittery gold leg would be pretty cool!!  I may just have to buy one so I can paint it!! HAHA



He won the Preakness and is going for the Triple Crown at Belmont!!  Its actually a great story about the horse, the owners, the trainer and the groomer if you are interested in horse racing.

This happened yesterday

I work in North San Diego County (in California) and yesterday several fires started in different parts of the county in a really short amount of time. When I left the office to go to lunch I saw 3 big bellows of smoke in 3 different directions and there was a rumor that the freeway I take to get home was going to be closed because of another fire down the way. At one time yesterday there were 8 or 9 fires going on! Talk about scary!!

Unfortunately there were a few people who left work early because their houses could possibly be affected by the fires. I left a tiny bit early because they did close the 15 freeway and it looked like a parking lot.  A friend at work was trying to give me directions on how to take back roads to go around the closure and then get on the freeway passed the closure. It was going to be confusing but I was going to do it.  Luckily I was listening to the local news on the radio and they mentioned that the freeway was now open so I took a few side streets and then got on the freeway. I got home about 1/2 hour later than usual so it wasn’t bad at all, especially when you think of the people who are TRULY affected by these fires.  And I also got goosebumps when I saw firetrucks from Los Angeles County on the freeway heading towards the fire to help San Diego. God bless those brave firefighters.




The above picture led to the picture below



Today I found out that one person from our office was evacuated from their house and didn’t know yet if the house was OK. =(

Hope everyone stays safe – wherever you are!


Enjoying. . . . .

Enjoying giving myself a mani-pedi this weekend with a pearly light blue nail polish I got in my Birchbox last month. I like the color and the color went on quickly and easily in spite of being such a light color.



{like little Tiffany boxes on my finger tips! HAHA!!}

Enjoying experimenting with White Wine Sangria recipes. YUM! This one had a white brandy and little bit of that sparkling pink lemonade from my “not so innocent Tequila Popsicles ” and I also muddled up some raspberries, blackberries and orange slices. It tasted similar to my favorite white sangria at a local winery Leoness so I’m quite pleased with myself!


Enjoying a relaxing walk in my neighborhood after coming home from work (trying to get motivated to start working out!).  We live by a small man-made lake where you can rent small paddle boats and go fishing.  They stock it with some sort of fish – my husband knows what kind but I always forget. Another sweet look at the lake here.




{Maybe mates for life??]

Hope all of you are enjoying something this week!

Not that innocent

No I’m not talking about Britney Spears. (But I actually wouldn’t mind seeing her in concert in Vegas. . . like I need another excuse to go to Vegas! =)

I’m talking about an innocent child like plastic Popsicle molds specifically made to be used with grape juice or fruit punch and making it into a saucy adult alcohol fueled summer treat!! Can I get a YUM?


{So Innocent}

I’m not really sure when this idea skyrocketed into my head but I started researching it this weekend. I guess I thought I was onto something never thought of before but as usual I was wrong!!  I found pages and pages of recipes on the internet but I didn’t really want to go out and buy stuff so I went with what I had already in our cabinet.


{Add a little debauchery}

So I mixed sparkling pink lemonade with just a little bit of tequila (I guess so that it would freeze easier.)  Poured it into the pop molds and put it in the freezer and waited patiently (*ahem* kept asking my husband why’s it taking soo long?)

A few hours later – TADA!!20140511-214940.jpg

Eh it doesn’t LOOK all that great but it was refreshing and tasty! Next time I will use something more colorful and the bubble in the sparkling lemonade made it look like there were little holes all over the popsicle.

Won’t give you a buzz but will cool you off in the middle of Summer.  (which here in Southern California its already here with the temperature to hit the 90’s this week)

Has anyone tried this and have any ideas for me?

Come and knock on our door

This work week is going mega-slow so here are some things that happened around our house lately.

Last week we had some high winds in our area so when I got home one day after work I saw this


Our patio umbrella broke and I’ll be on Amazon soon buying a new one. =(

Our air conditioner also went out on Friday when I got home from work just in time for the unseasonably hot weather we had in Southern California last week! OY VEY!


My brother-in-law had minor knee surgery so I took the day off from work and watched my nephews. While the oldest was in kindergarten, the younger one and I played super hero with a little costume I picked up at Michaels.


And then after I picked him up from school we had In-N-Out burgers. YUM!!



We celebrated Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) with homemade tacos, guacamole and midori margaritas!





Have to include a photo of my horse dish towel from Anthropologie ~ pink and horses and next to a margarita? Yes please! Perfect!


And speaking of perfect – check out my roses! Love them!

I hope you are having a fabulous week!