I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by. Another Christmas to get ready for! This past weekend we put up the tree and I decorated it on Saturday night while listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I love doing that! =)

Anyway, I  noticed that I have quite a bit of OOTD’s on my phone that I haven’t posted so since I’m feeling a little lazy today I figured I would just put ’em out there!



Definitely pushing the casual envelope at work. The heels dress it up a bit. {Old Navy Chambray shirt; Forever 21 floral joggers, Steve Madden sandals}



{My bright pink lipstick and Anthropologie sweater/jacket with my go to boots}

IMG_7246{Another comfy pair of pants and a top from Forever 21}




{Tweed jacket and pants (SUPER OLD) from F21}IMG_7238


{oversized blanket plaid scarf from guess where? (F21) and trying out some dark lipstick}


{The quintessential casual Friday fall outfit}



I’m on the fence with the dress. I got it at Nordstrom and I love the print but I feel like this style doesn’t do anything for me. I look like a box =(

Have a great day!!


Another Happy Birthday

I celebrated another year of getting wiser, at least that’s how I’m looking at it now.  It was so perfect that I had a four day weekend in order to get the most of the celebrations with family and friends by celebrating Thanksgiving and my youngest nephews birthday on Thursday and the rest of the weekend it was all about ME!! HAHAHA
{Spent Thanksgiving with family and also celebrated my youngest nephews birthday}
IMG_7370{Friday we went to lunch in Del Mar and start the birthday weekend with a sangria}
{After a quick lunch we headed to the racetrack to win some money, or at least I won some money!! =) }
{As you can see from the looks on faces! LOL}
{On Saturday we headed to Orange County to continue the birthday fun with our friends}
My hubs surprised me by renting a Mercedes limo and we headed off to dinner at the Mexican restaurant ‘South of Nicks” and I had a fabulous Mexican Mojito made with tequila and rum! Afterwards we went to the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point for a drink or two.  Christmas decorations were up and beautiful.
{Instead of a Gingerbread House they have Gingerbread Wave and beach scene. Love the shark with atlers and the surfing doggies!!}
{Kind of a spooky shot I took from inside the limo. Not sure if the windows gave it that red tint but I like it}
{My love and I }


Sunday was my actual birthday so my Dad drove in to see me and take us out for lunch at one of our favorite wineries Leoness.  I was enjoying my family (and not to mention their Holiday Sangria!)  so much  we didnt really take pictures but here is my dessert.  YUM!!
{peanut butter mousse covered in chocolate with with sugared bananas and banana gelato. They also made cotton candy especially for my nephews for dessert. That’s the big cotton ball looking thing at the top of photo!}
It was such a great birthday weekend that I will not forget!!  Thanks to my family and friends who made it so special!! Love you all!!
I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Paradise – Final Chapter

I’m wrapping up this 3 part post about our family’s trip to Oahu.  Our last full day was spent with my Dad going to Honolulu to see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona memorial.  I remember going there when I was a little kid and seeing the older veterans dressed in their uniforms that would volunteer at the memorial center so you ask them questions, listen to their stories or just to say “thank you” but it made me really sad to see they’re not there anymore because they have either passed away or just can’t get there. They truly are the greatest generation in my opinion.






It was such an emotional place to be and experience and see actual footage of what happened there so many years ago. This was my 3rd time there it gets me every time.


We then went to Waikiki Beach for lunch on the beach. We ended up at Duke’s which was ok but I did have a nice tropical drink to go along with the beautiful weather.





Then out of nowhere it got dark and started pouring as we were walking around  but just as fast as it started it stoppedIMG_7079


*****Extra nice touches from Aulani ****


{The Adult Infinity Pool overlooking the beach}


{the architecture of the lobby at Aulani is beautiful. Very Hawaiian and many of the structures were shaped like old canoes}


{Strawberry Velvet pancakes with Cream Cheese syrup! YUM at the Restaurant Ama’ ama’  at Aulani}

IMG_7101Since we were at Aulani during Halloween they had some activities for the kids. My nephews dressed up as Star Wars characters and were able to trick or treat around the hotel grounds. (Unfortunately we were stuck in major traffic coming home from Honolulu and did not get to see them.)  There was also a pumpkin carving contest at the hotel and the above was the winning pumpkin. It was an amazing looking pumpkin “hamburger with cheese and fries on the side”

It was such a great time to spend time with my family and it was so special for all of us. Thanks to my Dad for treating and spoiling us as always. The only thing missing was my Mom but I know she is happy and she is always with us.

I’m working on putting a photo album of our trip to Oahu and I came across this quote that pretty much sums it up.

The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessings

Have a great week my friends!!

Paradise . . . Part 2

We were only going to be in Hawaii for 4 days so we had to make the most of our stay.  Our 2nd day on Oahu was busy and went by so fast.  We drove to the North Shore and took my oldest nephew with us. We were heading to a beach where sea turtles come up to beach themselves but the waves were bigger and more turbulent than usual so once we got to that beach there were no turtles to be seen.  =(   But at least we did get to see and experience the beautiful North Shore!



{on our way to the North Shore}IMG_6845



We then drove to the Dole Pineapple Plantation and Farm and there is actually a lot to do there. They have a pineapple maze and a guided tour and huge store with everything you can imagine. We opted for the train ride through the fields of all different fruits and flowers they have planted there. Oh yes and they have the most amazing Pineapple Ice Cream!! YUM!!



{the Pineapple Express}




{I never realized how many different kinds and sizes of pineapples there are! Some were so cute and tiny!}


{Tons of banana trees)



{such silliness}IMG_6876


{we stopped to have lunch at a little road side stand- Hula dogs and Fresh Pineapple Juice}


{crazy Koi waiting to be fed}


{AHH which way to go????}


That night we went to a Luau down the street from Aulani.  It was a lot of fun and the Mai-Tai’s were strong! =)





{Beautiful ceremony at the Luau}


{This was the beautiful sunset the night of my husband’s birthday dinner at a fantastic restaurant at Aulani}

AHHH I miss Hawaii!!

Come back for the final post!

Paradise on Earth

A week ago I was on the sands of Oahu . . . . OH how I wish I could go back.  My wonderful Dad has always wanted to go a family vacation and now that both me and my sister are married and there are little ones in our family .  We ended up booking our stay at Disney’s Aulani in Oahu.  Yes its a Disney resort but its so subtle you don’t feel you’re at one of their parks.  It was absolutely beautiful but then again when is Hawaii NOT beautiful??!!


{ALLOOOHAAAA beautiful water}


{view from our room}


{ a little Mickey surprise in the room}


{View  of Aulani from a little cove down the way}


{wedding chapel on the grounds}


{ a little pina colada while relaxing}


{Lucky hubby got to celebrate his birthday while in Hawaii!}


{Can you believe these are the grills for public use by the marina in Ko’ Olina? Stainless and tools all included and kept very clean!}


{the marina}

Our full first day there we stayed  near the property and walked to 3 lagoons down the way and to the marina, hubby snorkeled and I relaxed on the beach. It was so nice but we knew we were not going to be staying very long on the island so the next few days were going to be busy and packed!

I’m going to leave it that for now because I want you to come back for Part 2!!!



She’s crafty . . .


A few weeks ago I was reading up on some of my fave blogs and I saw the ever lovely Christina’s post on DIY on her Life Being Girly blog. I started  thinking that last year I was more crafty and ambitious that I’ve been this year! What’s up with that?  So I went back to take some pictures of some DIY’s I did so I could prove I used to be crafty!!

I actually had to learn how to use a sewing machine again for this DIY. My inspiration was the American Apparel leather clutch that was making the rounds awhile back which probably came from the popular and so expensive Clare Vivier clutches (especially the leopard one! L.O.V.E) so I ended up making a few!




{and I just used one of them a couple of weeks ago when  I went to the local Greek Festival}

I tried different sizes and colors and mixed and matched the zippers so it was usually contrasting colors.  They come in handy. I even used one as a”tech” bag in my carry on so I could keep headphones, chargers, etc organized.


Another DIY idea I got from a blogger who has since left the blogging world behind but she still has a fabulous instagram account as “lifeisbananas15”

This awesome necklace was the inspiration.

Inspiration from Lux + Trip

My finished product


{Exhibit “B}

I got the rock like beads and rings at Michaels and yes those are hot pink shoelaces!


This next one was basically done by my husband BUT I WAS the creative consultant!! He was the muscle and technician.  This DIY was inspired by the ultra edgy and SUPER expensive Alexander McQueen hand held clutches.  I was hoping to find a skull ring but never found one, so I used this cute heart knuckle ring from Charlotte Russe.  The “clutch” is just a glittery sunglasses case I bought for $2.00.  It takes some work to get my phone to fit in there so its not really ideal but I still like it.






Probably the DIY I am most proud of is my take on Burberry’s Owl Sweater from a couple of years ago.




I used a stencil from the internet and bought a sweater from H&M that was less than $20 and then bought some waterproof markers from Michaels and VOILA !! My Burberry inspired sweater at a “milli-fraction” of the price!!

Do you DIY?  Maybe this will kick start more projects for me!!

Beauty Mini-Haul

Yesterday I ended up at CVS during my lunch hour with a post-it note stuck to my phone so I could pick up a few necessities. After scanning my CVS card at the machine I ended up with 3 foot long paper coupons which was nice because I ended using 2 including a $5.00 rewards! YAY for me!

I’ve been thinking of going a little brighter on my lips (I think thanks in part to the lovely Rosie at A Red Lip and A Nude Shoe ). So the night before I perused the internet for some lovely bright lips. I screen shot some photos to keep on my phone for reference but as I ended up at CVS  I totally forgot I had saved those pictures.  No worries, when I got back to work I realized I actually happened to pick one of the lipsticks I had saved!




Being that I was venturing into unchartered territory wearing bright colors on my lips, I really did not want to spend a lot of money in case I didn’t like it on me or if I chickened out.  So these fit the bill.

I ended up with the Wet n Wild “Dollhouse Pink”  – I love it  Now I just have to get used to it!


CVS was having a buy one get  one 50% off sale with Wet N Wild so I also picked up nail polish called “Through the Grapevine” (yes I could’ve  picked this because of my tiny obsession with wine. LOL)



I also bought necessities. I’ve used Neutrogena for a long time but I have never tried this new product.  Hopefully it will do me some good! Clean Face = Happy FaceIMG_6660

Travel size goodies