What I did over the holidays

I am trying to catch up with myself but I seem to be getting further and further away!  So I’m going to roll a bunch of stuff into one post for you so I can feel like I’ve caught up a little!!
We had a great holiday season, spent with family and friends and I’m kind of sad its over even though it can be a little stressful.  After my birthday I really start getting into the Christmas spirit even though this year I actually decorated the house before my birthday. Last year I procrastinated and by the time I decorated our house it was time to take it all down again so I was not going to do that again.
The tree was decorated and I wrapped some presents so that it wouldn’t look so lonely!
At work we even got in the spirit by celebrating a birthday with Christmas themed cupcakes! So YUMMY!
Our friends had a Christmas party the Saturday before Christmas so it was really nice to see friends we see all the time and also ones we don’t see often enough.  We couldn’t stay late though because in the morning we were off to VEGAS for a few days before Christmas!!
This time we stayed at the Wynn because I found a great deal online and this was our view from our room! Awesome!
We walked around to see the Christmas decorations at the other hotels.  I love seeing everything so “Christmas-y”
IMG_7684{The Bellagio}
IMG_7693{Crystals at City Center}
IMG_7699{Need I say more. . . LOVE}
IMG_7723{My Christmas tree inspiration for next year (especially with all the little blue boxes underneath!!}
IMG_7724{This reminded me of my wedding bouquet! And I just had to take a picture of it}
IMG_7721{The floral arrangements at The Wynn buffet}
IMG_7735{Desserts we had our first night at the Wynn – Macarons, Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut Balls, Push Up Pops and Chocolate Caramel Crisps . . . DELICIOUS!! }
IMG_7739{Javier’s Margarita at Javiers at the Aria Hotel – so freakin’ good}
IMG_7718{Gingerbread Hotel of the Wynn and Encore at the Buffet}
Needless to say we had a great time getting away for a few days, sleeping in, eating, eating and drinking and drinking!!!
We celebrated Christmas with my family at my sisters house and having fun with the boys and their new Legos that they are obsessed with.  I have such a great family!
Then the following week the unexpected happened . . . . .
For our area in California this is totally not normal, even though it has snowed very little in the past but its just not an every year occurrence.  I wish it would at least snow once a year because it was so beautiful to see the hills and the streets and yards covered in snow.  The park down the street from our house was full of kids and parents sledding down the hills and building snowmen.  Unfortunately I was on my way to work and couldn’t participate! BOO!  But it’s definitely something I won’t forget for awhile!!
New Years Eve was spent with our close friends and it was low key but really fun. We had dinner at an Italian restaurant and then went back to their house for dessert and champagne.  I also had a fresh Lemon Drop Martini made with fresh lemons from their tree. It was so good!!
IMG_7833{Fresh Lemon Drop straight from the backyard tree}
IMG_7817{Gotta wear sequins especially on New Years Eve}
IMG_7828{Our wine with NYE dinner}
IMG_7836(the Dessert to end all desserts!}
IMG_7855{Celebrating NYE with the Most Interesting Man in the World while drinking champagne}
IMG_7871{Spent the night at our friends house so I wore my New Years Eve PJs from my sister}
IMG_7870{Some mimosas on New Years Day}
Wow that was a lot to cram into one post! My apologies if its T.M.I.
(too much information)!!  I just had a great  couple of weeks and wanted to share it with you before it becomes Spring time!! LOL
Have a great week!!