Wait . . . what?

So it’s been a long while since you’ve heard from me (in case you didn’t notice).  It’s true the holidays really just keep you so busy you don’t know when to stop and take a breathe!

I guess if I want to continue in chronological order I will have to go back to my birthday trip to Disneyland which was at the beginning of December.  I went with my sister and my two nephews and let me tell you it was SOOO much fun!  But wouldn’t you know it, California is in the middle of a terrible drought not a drop of rain in months and the day I decide to take a day off from work to go to the happiest place on earth it RAINS! Boooo!  I’m just sorry the pictures aren’t that great because of the grey dark skies.  But it was still so much fun not even rain could damper my birthday and Christmas spirit!! Thank you Dad for getting me a ticket and thank you sister for taking me to celebrate my birthday with my favorite people!!


{The Castle at night in the rain}

IMG_7490{It’s a Small World lit up for Christmas}








{My favorite Cars Land was so cute and fun!!}


{Spooky Haunted Mansion as the Nightmare Before Christmas}


(Toy Story ride and Mr. Potato Head}


{Happy Birthday to Me!!}

My dad bought me sequined Minnie ears!! Love!!(Love you Dad!)

I had such a great time I wanted to break down and buy an annual pass so I can call in sick (oops!) and go all the time!! =)