Coziness is . . .

As much as I enjoy getting away for a few days and spending time on an extra comfy hotel bed I love being home especially when it’s chilly and getting warm and cozy.   We have a gas fireplace and while it doesn’t have that lovely smokey smell and crackling of the logs IT IS super easy just to come home and flip the switch to start the fire AND there’s no cleaning up of the ashes!!


We love blankets and pillows on our sofa. My husband has a Darth Vader quilt that is his only and I have a variety of blankets I use and I like to switch them out everyone once in awhile. I recently came across this blog which had some great information about getting better sleep and the best products for the kind of sleeper you are, which led me to their online website Parachute Home Bedding and I must say the striped cashmere throw  is calling my name now!


{add a cozy blanket}


{a glass of wine and don’t forget a coaster, especially one that says “will work for shoes and wine”}


{Reading a heartfelt story always adds to the coziness}


{or browsing blogs and online window shopping can be cozy with a Scentsy candle nearby}


Coziness is happiness

What makes you feel cozy?


The One at The Pumpkin Patch

So far my husband and I have not been blessed with children but we love our nephews like our own and we are their godparents so spending time with them is always fun and special.

We met my sister and her family at the local pumpkin patch nestled in wine country.  Originally we were going to meet later in the afternoon so I thought i would have time to go home to change into more appropriate shoes but we moved it up so of course I showed up at a pumpkin patch farm with rocks, dirt and hay wearing wedges. Totally appropriate right? ??  It was cute because my youngest nephew was holding my hand while I walking on the rocks to make sure I was ok! =)




 {Pony Rides}


{taking a train ride with Uncle B}


 { a pretty sad corn maze – the drought here in California has shrunk the usual size of the stalks of corn}  😦


{one of my most favorite flowers – so happy and bright}IMG_6526

{One of these days I hope to have a cute lit’ ol’ truck like this – (no I’m serious!) but it would be all cherried out}


After the pumpkin patch, me and the hubby drove around the area and then stopped by one of the wineries to pick up our shipment but they were already closed for a wedding.  So instead we went to their restaurant for a glass of watermelon sangria (its the best!!!) for me. The nice host took us to an lounge area we had never been to before and it had the BEST view!!  He actually said it was the first time he has seen it open for people to have a drink.  And even the waitress said she was surprised it was open and said we must be getting  the VIP treatment! LOL !! Obviously it had been a really long time that anyone had sat out there because the tables and cushions were super dusty but they were so great to quickly clean it up for us.  I will definitely be going back and it did not disappoint as you can see in these pictures!




Hope you have a great week!

Labor day weekend

Ah I love 3 day weekends! I’m sure I’ve said it before but I wish I could have 3 day weekend every week!!


On Saturday we had lunch and then went for a drive around our town. We took a road we hadn’t been down before and found a great little winery. We were just in time for a classic rock cover band to start playing so we walked around for a bit and then I grabbed some sangria and we listened to the music as the sun went down.



{hubby takes the most artistic photos with his phone. Don’t know how he does it but I may have to hire him!}



{Some wooden signs in the gift shop of the winery – so cute I may have to go back and get one!}


{Gorgeous sunset}

On Sunday we drove to Orange County for a BBQ/Pool Party at a friends house. It was so fun to see people we haven’t see since last year’s wedding festivities!  I forgot to take photos (i guess having too much fun will do that to you) but their back yard pool is so nice with a little waterfall. The kids in group were having so much fun!


On Monday we drove to Del Mar for one last day at the races since their Summer meet ends this week. It wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be so it was so nice to be able to find somewhere to sit in the paddock area.



{My favorite jockey}


{Del Mar Fall meet starts in November  and its the first time they will have a Fall meet. Should be fun and probably chilly (well California chilly!)}

Thanks for stopping by!

Sangria Sisters

Sangria Sisters –  this really should be the name of my blog or at least something to do with Sangria because obviously its one of the things I love!

One of the local wineries had a Summer Sangria party on Sunday and I am fortunate to have friends willing to come out to my neck of the woods for this little celebration.  YAY for FRIENDSHIP!



{Sangria Sisters}


{Barrel Room in the background}



{Yes our hair is blowing like we’re supermodels!}


{new crop of grapes coming in}


A Happy Weekend Indeed!!

. . . and the livings still easy

Our lovely weekend continued on Sunday. Our friends were over at our house so my husband made bacon (yes just bacon and it was awesome!) and we poured some mimosas and drank until it was lunch time.


Then we had lunch at one of my favorite wineries Ponte Winery.



After a couple glasses of bubbly red wine I was pretty much useless the rest of the day and I even feel asleep on the sofa ( sorry no pictures of that!!)


I’ve been seeing this on instagram lately and i think it pretty much sums it up !!




Balloons and Wine Anyone?

This past weekend was spent going somewhere I’ve never been before. We headed to the local balloon and wine festival. It happens every year but we never really got around to checking out.  I did some reading about it and I did hear it got super crowded especially towards the evening.  They have bands that play later in the day and there is one main stage. On Friday it was a country music night and the main act was Justin Moore.  I had originally thought some friends would come out for the concert because they are country music fans (we really aren’t but it would fun!) but there was a change of plans so me and hubby decided to go just the two of us on Saturday.  It was hot so I wore a hat but it actually was a bigger pain because there was a strong breeze and I had to hold on to it so it wouldn’t blow away! OY!

On Saturday the Gin Blossoms and 3 Doors Down were playing and Sunday the old glam rock band Warrant played but we didn’t stay for the music.  I wine tasted, husband was the DD and I wine tasted some more and I am now a fan of a Merlot Rose that was awesome! It was chilled and tasted so good on a hot day and I will definitely need to put that on my shopping list!


20140603-112049-40849773.jpg{My accessories for the day}

20140602-103324-38004760.jpg{The Broadway Musical WICKED had a balloon there}

20140602-103325-38005793.jpg{Sparkling Merlot Rose from South Coast Winery- Bottoms Up!}


20140602-103326-38006667.jpg{Trying to catch me stumbling}

20140602-104714-38834611.jpg {Balloons at night}

If I ever go again I will make sure to bring a blanket or beach chairs and be early enough to find a nice shady tree! Hope you had a great weekend too!


The Day After . .

. . .a weekend of family fun!!

so its Monday again and we had a weekend filled with combined birthday and Easter celebrations!  My sister’s birthday was earlier in the week and my Dad’s birthday was Saturday so he decided to come out to our neck of the woods and lunch at one of our favorite wineries, Ponte Winery.

But first I took a little walk to the local park in our community.  Every year the day before Easter our local park has an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. I walk over because it’s only a 6 minute walk and the streets and parking lot get packed.  I meet my sister, brother in law and my nephews there so I can watch them run around stealing gently picking up Easter eggs and toys on the soccer field. (Just kidding they are the best kids and don’t do that!)  This was my view during my little walk and it was so peaceful and all I could hear were the birds chirping but once I got to the park it was mayhem and now that I think of it I should have a taken a picture of the crowd!





 My youngest nephew looking for the next candy to grab!





Later in the day we drove to Ponte Winery for lunch and wine tasting (which ended up just being a full glass wine).  The nice option is that as a member you can ask for a full glass of wine (if you have a favorite) instead of wine tasting.  There is also a separate “members only” area away from the public tasting so you can sit at tables or relax on a couch while enjoying your wine.


My sis, dad and me hiding in the grape vines



Members Seating Area






Birthday lunch at the winery restaurant ( I had to collage two pictures together !)



Me and the Birthday Girl and Boy



Some after wine silliness


It was wonderful day spending time with my favorite people in the whole world.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!